February 17th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday 2-17-19  
****  "Little ghosts" in Iraq   LINK

 ****  "I think that the Iraqi government has passed the bottleneck, and in the coming weeks there will be a full government," he said, adding that "we wish the Kurdistan Regional Government to be completed until the cooperation on the issue of nominations relate to the Prime Minister and the parliament and political blocs."
****  Iraq's central bank stands out among those subject to U.S. scrutiny because of the extent of cooperation between Baghdad and New York. Earlier this month, based on information and instructions from the Fed's foreign accounts team, the Central



The adoption of the US dollar as a basis for the calculation of customs duties and be fulfilled in Iraqi dinars in all federal ports and the adoption of the dollar exchange rate uniformly on the basis of the bulletin of the Central Bank of Iraq and determine the customs centers exempted from that later.

Will: what's the plain meaning ?

Cleitus: 1:1 on the tariffs and taxes!

DogLuvr: Delta you are saying the T&T are FULLY implemented as of now?  

DELTA:  YES.....

Emailed to Recaps: Thank you PDK

MarkZ: Sunday Morning Update

Not a lot of news overnight. But there are lots of rumors that indictments have really started late last night. I was also told that Anthony Weiner has turned into a witness in exchange for a lighter sentence.

I am waiting to see if any of that shows up in the regular MSM news this afternoon.

I am expecting measurable movement this afternoon on either the money side or the indictment side this afternoon . Or both

I firmly believe the arrests would start a couple hours before the RV release to scare those who don’t want the reset into not messing with anything or try to stop it again. 

In Iraq: I have heard from a contact, not my contact.. they are saying there is all kinds of movements and announcements, but it’s being covered up for now. The people in Iraq were expecting to see big things this weekend on their monitary policy.

Posted by Enoch Omololu | Updated on Jan 26, 2019 |

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