February 21st 6pm

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​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  2-21-19 

Andredinero  CBI: Project deletion of zeros from the currency still exists

2/8/2019  The Central Bank of Iraq that the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is still standing.

The director of the issuance and cabinets Abdul Karim Hassan Shannon that the project to delete the zeros was supposed to start in 2014, but security events and the control of the state regulation on five provinces led to delay, pointing out that the project is to delete three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of large currencies and currencies Metal.

Shannon confirmed that the current cash volume in the markets is large at 44 trillion dinars.


DELTA: ICS Financial Systems Ltd.’s ICS BANKS gains 4.5x Faster Batch Processing & 27x Increase on Digital Banking Transactions Running with Oracle Exadata Database Machine   http://www.icsfs.com/      Full Post

David12001: If I am reading this right and understanding correctly, the banks inside and outside, not to mention the CBI able to do transactions with other central banks around the world, could the CBI put a new rate in the system and have it recognized by banks and central banks in the blink of an eye. Just food for thought.

Iobey777: YES!!!!! IMO!!!! As someone just said in TC (team chat) , the fuse is lit..to which I replied..it has been burning and is now at that point where it stops burning and meets the gunpowder..the next thing is BOOOMM!!!!!

Popeye7: I believe the flame has reached the gunpowder already... But in typical Iraqi fashion we are waiting for the actual reaction of these 2 elements igniting to cause the boom that will be felt around the world!

MarkZ update Thursday AM 2-21-19:   Thank you PDK

Member: I heard Prosperity Packages were going today.

MZ: We are hearing rumors….hopefully we are going to see it

Rumors is there had been a security issue….its fixed now, and things are processing again. There are things happening in the background and I was asked not to mention those things.

Also heard things are heating up in Reno again…my buddies with skr’s left Reno about a week and half ago and yesterday they have been called to go back there…many of my sources say the trigger has already been pulled just not where we can see it yet…..once the F&Ps, Farm claims and CMKX packages go out……The RV happens right away

In Iraq – my contacs say the rate still has not changed even though they are all talking about it on the TV and in the news.

Q: adjudicated funds paid?

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Wednesday Night  2-20-19  Part 3 of 3

Andredinero  This is the list of the currencies that's going global RESET from the treasury us notes all you guys have to do is printed out and then take it to your foreign currency head quarters and ask them which 1 that they have now and continue to invest after Iraq announce the deletion of zero happen 100% sure and the RV

Andredinero  Reports, Statements & PublicationsTreasury Reporting Rates of ExchangeCurrent RatesCurrent RatesTreasury Reporting Rates of Exchange as of December 31, 2018Amendment #1 for December 31, 2018Amendment #2 for December 31, 2018

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Wednesday Night 2-20-19  Part 2 of 3

Andredinero  Hey by the way for vital brad or any one else if you guys really want to know more information about the dinar and Iraq it's not just cbi.iq

there's more information coming DEEP from Iraq nor every one know of

I'll show what iam talking about but all I know they moving the paste I just hope they ANNOUNCE the RV DELETION OF ZERO REAL SOON BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY BEEN DONE


Andredinero  That's 1