February 23rd 6pm

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JJonesmx: Saturday, February 23, 2019

Iraqi-Jordanian economic forum today
Amman/ Iraq TradeLink: Jordan Industry Chamber is organizing today an economic forum to discuss
means of developing trade and investment relations between the two countries in the light of the agreements signed between the two sides.

 The forum will be attended by Iraqi industry minister Dr. Saleh al-Jbouri and representative of the private sectors in both countries.


Emailed to Recaps: 

MarkZ update Saturday Morning 2-23-19 Notes by PDK- not verbatum

MZ: I spoke with 2 people from Reno, Spoke with a person involved in the F&Ps,(fines and penalties) and spoke with Mr. Cottrell.

He has not been paid yet (The funding for the gold/asset currency?) …but everyone is very excited and hope things start happening tonight. Could be a very exciting 24 hours. More confirmations we are right on top of this..some things I can't talk about..

The original protocol was to pay out F&Ps then MC (Michael Cotrell) …Now we are hearing MC will be funded/paid then the F&Ps….we will know more tonight

Amazing good news out of Iraq this weekend. They were expecting an announcement sometime today… Great meeting yesterday with the meeting between China and the US. And a big rumor that the Zim might start exchanging before the Dinar and Dong….consider it a rumor but I am hearing it’s a strong possibility.

Who Owns Buried Treasure?
Words by Jack El-Hai
Illustrated by Christopher Cardinale

In 1904, two boys found a tin can filled with gold coins in an old henhouse, putting in motion a legal quandary—are finders really keepers?
Throughout their childhood, brothers Waldo and Chalmus Danielson burned for justice. In the spring of 1894, in the Rogue Valley of southwestern Oregon, the brothers found a tin can full of gold coins while cleaning out a neighbor’s chicken coop—only to have the neighbors cheat them out of it, they claimed.

A Decade of Gold Backed Currency Views, and Opinions. Is now the time?????

Trump Ending the Fed & Returning the Gold Standard?

Published on May 13, 2017

While there are certainly forces within the “Deep State“ or “Shadow Government” that obviously oppose any moves to bring back the gold standard and end the Federal Reserve, the timing may be ideal for a massive push to accomplish both of these tasks.

Arguably, there has been no U.S. president whose every move has been scrutinized and reported on more than that of Donald Trump. He has over 26 million followers on Twitter, is being covered every day and night by every mainstream media outlet and many alternative media outlets.

Much of what Trump says, does or Tweets about is further reported on and reaches hundreds of millions of people around the world. With respect to bringing back the gold standard and ending the Federal Reserve, Trump needs only to utilize the media’s spotlight to begin making a focused and consistent push in talking, and even tweeting about these two issues.