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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Evening   2-25-19  
Andredinero  Good morning I hope your had a great night are anybody here have ZIM foreign currency also because they started the float rate but by March 12 they will probably set a stable rate this is the video of their meeting on it they say by March 12 ZIm it's on their agenda to get a stable rate and DONALD TRUMP flying to go to Vietnam today for trade deals that's the 3 most countries rk brake the ice for the global currency reset IRAQ ZIM THEN DONG ONE AFTER ANOTHER
Andredinero  https://youtu.be/A9tfC5quIHk
Andredinero  That's 1hr of their meeting about the zim monetary policy
futuremoney  that makes sense to me..go to Vietnam to talk about African currency

"Our Source of Abundance" by Matt1075 - 2.24.19
Entry Submitted by Matt1075 at 4:45 PM EST on February 24, 2019

Something we have been seeing in our intel a lot lately is the idea that our coming gift of HUGE abundance is tied to Zimbabwe's UNTAPPED mineral resources.

I SUSPECT that this is untrue. My opinion- my feeling- is that the gold and silver needed for this project is already here. (Ron Giles- if you read this, I welcome your thoughts on the subject.)

We have heard there are one or more humongous trusts that were set up to finance or feed our abundance. As for the needed gold, I suspect (yes, I have read) that there has been off-world mining going on using advanced technologies that are still being hidden to the sleeping public.

It looks to me like the idea of utilizing Zimbabwe's resources for this is simply to make it more plausible. We do have people coming in to IDC ever so often who exclaim- REALLY! Where is all this money supposed to come from? And Zimbabwe is offered as a believable possibility.

Best wishes, Matt1075

An Itch You Can’t Scratch-Off Part 2 of 2
Words by Bryce Covert
Photographs by Juan Madrid
A higher payout sounds like a good deal until it becomes clear that the most frequent players, like Osmond, simply put winnings back into buying more scratch-offs. “Gambling can act like a narcotic,” Whyte explains.
“Many gambling addicts develop tolerance: you need to bet more and more money to achieve that same high.” So they keep betting more and more money, including the proceeds from their wins, to get that rush. Others chase their losses, funneling wins into plays in an effort to make back all the money they’ve lost.

​An Itch You Can’t Scratch-Off Part 1 of 2
Words by Bryce Covert
Photographs by Juan Madrid
All over the country, there are people who can’t stop spending money on state-run lotteries—and their states are doing almost nothing to help them.
Adam Osmond lived and lost the American dream by gambling on lottery tickets that often promise to take players from rags to riches.
In 1984, at the age of 17, Osmond came to the United States from Somalia to attend Central Connecticut State University, a college in New Britain, Connecticut. While in school, he worked at a local convenience store part-time, eventually moving up to store manager.


2Cents: IMO, our "critical window" is getting tight.....they are talking about disbursing budget mounts "next week".......Auction numbers dropped today....Let's see what the auctions do in the next couple days..

Realtormc: I remember seeing an article a few weeks ago that the items in the budget will be paid in March...IMO.

Popeye7: And maybe, IMO, they will decide to raise the rate before disbursing budget funds... That would be terrific..