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CajunBella: My daughter and son in law bought dong from Regions last month and when they went to pick it up there was a very long line waiting for tellers. When the they bought from teller saw them she told them to come to the front of the line. Before she gave them their currency she called a new teller over to watch the process and told the teller that he would need to know how to do this because it was a new system and there would be a lot of people coming in soon.

The new teller asked what if they are turning their currency in and she said dont worry about that it hasnt happened yet. She then asked another teller if she knew how the new system worked and she said, "Yes I was training on that in Texas." Needless to say my child was very excited!!

Daretodream: OM -- 2/26/19 Bank Story Member shared that he went to his Chase bank on Monday and noticed that there were about 10 new people working in the bank. He inquired as to why all the new people? He was told that something Big is going to happen soon and they were preparing for it!!  In case you missed it

​One of the Toughest Things to Master for Your Financial Health
Financial HealthWhen it comes to your life, you want to stay physically and mentally healthy. And this also applies to your personal finances, which is commonly called your financial health.
While your physical and mental health is far superior to your financial health, it’s still crucial to work on this too. And as I know and you may too, finances can cause some serious stress.
That financial stress can then put a toll on your body, mind, and relationships.

​How Much Of Your Life Are You Selling Off?
Post From Raptitude.Com
When I was a TV-watching child in the 1980s I’d see a lot of commercials for something called “Freedom 55.” It was a financial planning service, offered by a life insurance company, but at the time I didn’t know what any of those things were. I knew what retirement was though.
I also knew that companies in commercials always try to make themselves sound as good as possible. So the message I took from those commercials was that age 55 was an ideal age to retire, a few years earlier than the norm.


Frank26:  Professor Sinan al-Shabibi as chairman of monetary policy committee

Agency of the orbit -Baghdad

The British central bank issued a decision on Monday to appoint Iraqi professor Sinan al-Shabibi as chairman of the monetary policy committee.

"The Bank of England decided to appoint Professor Shabibi as chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee, which was previously governor of the Central Bank of Iraq," the English media reported.

“This decision came to benefit from the experiences of al-Shabibi to maintain the exchange rate of the British pound and to prevent the British economy from getting into trouble, especially after the exit from the European Union.”

Iraqi sources told al-Madar that Professor Sinan al-Shabibi had been deposed from the post of governor of the Central Bank of Iraq by the previous government headed by Nuri al-Maliki, because he did not agree to sell the dollar to Iran.  

MilitiaMan:  Yes, the implications of this are telling me that what we have in front of us and that is the Iraqi Monetary Reform process, the Delete the Three Zeros Project from the exchange rate has the most beautiful legs at the Ball.