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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday  2-11-19  

****  Iraq ranks fourth in the world with oil production
https://translate.google .com/translate?hl=en&sl=ar&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.alsumaria.tv%2Fnews%2F260534%2F-&sandbox=1

Alsumaria News / Baghdad  Iraq ranked fourth in the world in oil production, according to a report of the global rating agency "GFP" "2018.

According to the report, "Russia came first in production, with crude oil production of 10.550 million barrels per day, followed by Saudi Arabia with a production of 10.460 million barrels per day, followed by the United States of America with a production of 8.853 million barrels per day."

16 Millionaires and the Money Rules They Swear By
Gabrielle Olya

The Money Rules These Millionaires Swear By

Being a millionaire or billionaire — especially a self-made one — usually requires being disciplined about saving and spending, as well as investing wisely.

Although the super rich can splurge on lavish vacations and fancy cars, some eschew a luxurious lifestyle for one that allows them to maintain their wealth over the long-term. So, if you want to live like a millionaire yourself, you’ll have to follow the money rules of the wealthy.

​Notes From The Field  By Simon Black

Negative Interest Rates Coming To US along with government-mandated helicopter money

To battle the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to ZERO and printed trillions of dollars.

The result was an unprecedented, 10-year bull market in stocks, bonds, real estate and basically every other asset out there.


OKRocks: The 2019 Iraqi Federal Budget Law has been ratified and published >>>   you have to translate it   Link

RVAlready: Yes. Budget is official. Officials who try to steal can be prosecuted for federal crimes and eliminated. We should now be able to exchange. If the banks talking to Tony have been truthful, we should see $4.40. Hope the banks are ready to get started.
NetGlobal: So the budget is published so lets hope we dont go back to needing the entire parliment seated.

Dallred123: the budget is there now but why are we still here??  i guess the budget published is at the old rate

RVAlready: Again, new rate was never expected in the budget. Just as the US exchange rates are not published in the US budget, the Iraq exchange rates are not shown in the Iraq budget….. Congress/parliaments publish budgets. Banks/markets determine exchange rates.


Samson: 1. Yes it is in the Gazette

2. At the moment it is not appearing on the  https://www.moj .gov.iq/iraqmag/   website as yet as they are slow in loading it there – 

Publishing the financial budget of Iraq in the official reality

11th February, 2019

The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday the issuance of the new issue of the Iraqi fact sheet No. (4529) of the Federal Budget Law No. 1 of 2019, which was approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic

The Director General of the Iraqi Facts Department Kamel Amin Hashim said in a statement today that the budget law included the transfer of money from some ministries to the liberated provinces and the province of Basra and detailed sentences in terms of spending, investment and loans..