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Time For Happiness  By Ashley Whillans
Why The Pursuit Of Money Isn’t Bringing You Joy Part 2 of 2
How To Start
Although your brain and your organization may be conspiring to make you choose money over time, a few daily actions could help you shift your mindset. The following simple strategies can reduce your time poverty and help you reclaim your schedule.
1. Personal Activities
Plan your future time. When it comes to leisure time, our preliminary data suggests that people have a natural bias toward spontaneity: We don’t want to feel our free time is too scheduled. So we do things like leaving weekends up to chance — and then end up wasting much of them. But we’re actually happier if we make plans and don’t passively fritter away time.
Be more active. Personal pursuits like volunteering, socializing, and exercising can have a transformative effect on people. Our research shows that active leisure is profoundly better at combating time stress than passive leisure (such as watching TV or just relaxing) is.

​Time For Happiness  By Ashley Whillans
Why The Pursuit Of Money Isn’t Bringing You Joy Part 1 of 2
Why The Pursuit Of Money Isn’t Bringing You Joy — And What Will
Adam (real story, fake name) was a good employee who was given a plum project he believed could get him a promotion and a raise. Taking it seemed like the proverbial no-brainer: Work hard, nail the assignment, get more pay.
He knew he’d have to put in long days and some hours on weekends, which meant he’d be sacrificing time with his young family. He knew the deadlines would be stressful, as would managing the people and the expectations involved. But he also knew that at the end, he’d be rewarded, and he could make up for the lost time.
Except that he wasn’t rewarded. Though his project was a success, the promotion and the raise went to someone on another project, who also was deserving. After receiving accolades for a job well done, Adam continued to run his project successfully, but he wasn’t happy.


BJBlue:  Having a RV on Groundhog Day adds a twisted since of “poetic justice”. Let’s get the party started and super reason to celebrate Super Bowls the rest of our life!

Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow, predicts an e​arly spring  https://www.foxnews.com/us/groundhog-day-punxsutawney-phil-doesnt-see-​his-shadow-predicts-an-early-spring

Hairdresser: her daughter in Phoenix shared this with her……psychicgrama wrote: "I thought you'd want to know my daughter just called me she lives in Phoenix

She passed WF the place was lit up like a Christmas tree and there were armored cars at the dock unloading and another guy carrying boxes in the door

She stopped and police officer walked up to tell her to move on but she knew him and she asked him what up he said they're putting money in the bank for a big event that's supposed to happen and he said they're saying tomorrow but we've been told that before......but she said the parking lot was full of cars she said she could see lot of people Milling around inside and outside and she also saw a KFC delivery truck so they must be bringing in food for a long long nighter"

Hairdresser: That was it....posted Friday nite