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The Top Money Excuses Holding You Back Right Now
Post From Invested Wallet

Over the last few years working on my own personal finances and discussing with friends, I’ve come across plenty of money excuses.

Excuses as to why they are not saving money, investing, or taking time to learn something that can greatly impact their lives.

But I’m not here to shame anyone. Because many of these excuses I made myself prior to taking control of my financial situation back in 2014. So there is no real judgment from me.


Good Evening,  Staying with the “Did You Know” theme,+ we the public, as whole, tend to take events and circumstances at face value without thinking through their real meaning, history and relevance.


Another such item is the Gold Standard. We have a rudimentary perception of what the Gold Standard actually means but why is it the lowest common denominator required for a GCR/RV to occur?

The “Cabal” created financial systems of the world were doomed from their inception. The biggest issue is that there is only so much one can squeeze out of a debt cycle. With each cycle, deficits pile up.

The need to re-structure the global currencies is no longer just an intriguing concept but a necessity. It has been the manipulation of currencies throughout the decades that is at the root of all debt creation and ultimately a dysfunctional financial system becomes a tail spin.

Sovereign debt, corporate debt and consumer debt are all at all-time highs.

By David Cain on October 4, 2018
The question “What’s wrong with the world?!” is usually more of a statement of exasperation than a question. But it can be treated like a question, and it is a good question.
Clearly something is wrong, at least with the human world. Even if you don’t trust the news to tell you how the world really is, we all witness too much pettiness, unfairness, and dishonesty to say with a straight face that nothing’s wrong.
However, I’m not sure you could rewind us to a point in the last 10,000 years when we wouldn’t feel the same way. Our complaints today are about corrupt leaders, unfair systems, unscrupulous merchants, religious demagoguery, and everything else that has happened perpetually since we freed ourselves from picking berries all day.


EricasMom: ok I have bank story of sorts...my brother in Missouri, got a call from his banker who in the past has told him many times that this was not going to happen...

BUT he wanted to tell my brother that several times now, they have been called back in the bank with no explanation why.. nothing happened so they went home... and then he noticed the dinar has been on the front screens.. just like Tony has said.. going from $6 to over $20….

Never saw the zim but the dong has been nearing $6 as well... he is a believer and told my brother that something is about to happen….. the rates were fluctuating

i have quite excited lately but now... VERY excited. I totally understand those that are fed up.. i get that way too.. but we do need to keep full of hope.. so I had to share...this was a REALL story about my brother.. not his friends uncle or someone else.. you know how that goes.. that is what got me HAPPY