January 10th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chaut Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 1-10-19  

Local exchange companies are preparing for a major demonstration on Jan. 24

Hundreds of exchange-rate owners and employees are planning a major demonstration on January 24 to demand a change in their central bank policies, which they view as unfair and weaken their role and influence in the local economy.

And explained the reasons for their exit at the demonstration at the main gate of the Central Bank of Iraq with several points.


Dan: Frank... thanks for desert (see link below)

Iraq Lifted 3 zero's electronically Dec. 2018 That's GOOD

(IMO) I believe we will not see anything until Davos is done near end of January 2019.

Feb. 10,2019 is Iraq's investment conference.

I wonder if Iraq will go public, or be secretive prior to these meetings?

Will Iraq be gamy with investors/countries or will they finally get down to work!

Seriously bickering and haggling and hammer out the deals Iraq and the world so desperately need. 

Then there is the 30-60-90 day contracts. The 30 day C's that begin Jan.13,19
will be maturing just after the conference begins.

The 90 day contract is at $1.38. Nice.

This shows controlled increase in value over a 3 month period!

How A Windfall Changed My Life
Post From  Financial Samurai

More Than Money

I’d be lying if I said that becoming a millionaire didn’t change me. It did change me. I’m not sure what my friends and family would say, but from my perspective, these changes have been positive. And they can be traced to one core characteristic: the ability and willingness to try new things and become somebody different.

When I was living paycheck to paycheck, I felt trapped. When I was in debt, I felt like a slave chained to my job, my home, and my life. I couldn’t do anything risky because I had to make enough to pay my creditors.

How A Windfall Changed My Life
Post From  Financial Samurai

This is a guest post from J.D. Roth, who founded the blog Get Rich Slowly in 2006 and is the author of Your Money: The Missing Manual. I first met JD four years ago for lunch up in Portland when I was still working.

By that time, J.D. was already a mini-celebrity in the personal finance world through his story telling abilities and topical focus of paying down debt and living a more frugal lifestyle. We came from opposite ends of the financial and topical spectrum, but as fate would have it, we’re in pretty similar boats now.


Puddledpnw: Jay Taylor: Gold Is The Go-To Safe Haven Of 2019

by Tyler Durden

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 18:25

Authored by John Rubino via DollarCollapse.com,

2019 is looking like one of those either/or years, where growing financial instability leads to either a 2008-style financial crash or another round of asset inflation. In Jay Taylor’s latest newsletter, he concludes that both scenarios are good for gold:

If we are, as I believe, on the precipice of a major decline in stocks, the question in my mind as we head into 2019 is to what extent U.S. Treasuries will continue to be the main go-to market in the risk-off trade and to what extent might a loss of confidence in the dollar as the world’s reserve currency lead to a rise in the price of gold?

The answer requires an examination of likely flows of money in 2019 and beyond, and those flows are very much determined by the point at which we exist in the current credit cycle.