January 16th 10pm

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Note: Even though this call was over a week ago, it was just posted and the intel is still relevant…..

Call notes from 1-7-19

Frank26: It’s good to be with you. We have had our moments before this call in chat. Our style is to review just a little bit.
It is important for us to review. In 1990-99 you were able to study what happened with Kuwait with their little “Marshal plan”, with us rebuilding them, the revalorization they went through with their currency. And the only reason that you know about it is because this sort of thing happens about every ten years.  

Now I will admit that 9-11 threw this one off a little bit and so did Obama. Eight years wasted. But anyway. what happened from 1990-99? When Clinton took office he was able to allocate some of those funds from the revalorization of the Kuwaiti dinar. Those funds IMO went into our budget and helped with the deficit.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday  1-16-19  

Larrykn  Abdul-Mahdi says dissolution of Shiite militias is matter for Iraq – no one else

larrykn  Iraqi cabinet approves new customs plan

larrykn  PM urges militias to leaver Iraq to avoid confrontations


​Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
January 14, 2019 Dorado, Puerto Rico
Yet Another MAJOR Reason To Buy Gold
For almost a year now, I’ve been advising you that gold production is plunging…
By itself, declining gold production isn’t a huge deal.
It takes hundreds of millions of years for minerals to form deep in the earth’s crust… but humans only need a few decades to extract it.


Cutebwoy: NEWS FLASH just got a peek at the new so call rainbow money soon to be released from a Audi customer of mine ….getting a Bentley at my dealership ….. he said he should have not showed it to me butttt opps too late . The late president Kennedy is on one of them ….he said market is going to crash then after that this new money will be released…. tried to pick is brain about rv but he said enough said already and went back to finance office

Cutebwoy: His facial look when i asked about the Iraqi dinar and the rv said to me he knows alot ,i also over heard him saying to his sales person about some money clearing but due to gov shut down he has to wait for this

RVAlready: The bankers must be as frustrated as us by now. The banks themselves are going to make a ton of money off of this.