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Post From the Final Wakeup Call
1/16/2019 11:24:00 AM News 

Withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

A key action factor to dismantling George H. W. Bush’s New World Order, is to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO, the Atlantic Council and all treaties or accords that require America to defend other nations. 

​Trump has insinuated numerous times that NATO is outdated and the member countries don’t pay their fair share.  

Post From the Final Wakeup Call
1/16/2019 11:24:00 AM News 

Trump and the Reset

Fake debt owed to the Banks must be defaulted on

Geopolitical changes that have taken place:

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Iran is now the dominant power in the Middle East. It has long been known that Hillary Clinton was being secretly funded by the radical Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in order to continue the “remaking” of the Middle East.

Her failure to beat President Trump in the elections has pushed the entire world to the brink of war —and that is due to the cabal knowing that Trump will never launch a war against Iran like the “Deep State” had planned to do — and that now has plunged the Saudi-Israeli Axis into turmoil over Iran’s growing power.



Pair       Bid          Ask          High     Low         Chg.     Chg. %  Time

EUR/IQD  1,353.60  1,369.68  1,363.55  1,356.19  +7.80  +0.58%  11:51:52

GBP/IQD  1,526.22  1,544.28   1,538.83  1,528.14  +9.74  +0.64%  11:51:55

USD/IQD  1,186.43  1,200.00   1,193.22  1,190.00  +6.79   +0.57%  11:51:12


Mekong:  Like Daytrader said, even the US has an Article IV consultation every 24 months.
All Iraq has to do to ascend to Article VIII is accept the obligations.  See Article XIV.
imo, Iraq has accepted the obligations of Article VIII because Iraq is using the
"tools" of Article VIII now as we have been taught. Iraq just has to come out and admit they are Article VIII.

MilitiaMan:  The answer from the contact specifically says. as I have and others have suggested. They are article 8 compliant imo ... Like has been said for years, they don’t have to tell us.. But by actions they are.

So as to having to do with reporting arcticle IV, they can per the article have informal meetings. Thus, Article IV maybe or is reporting of what happened publicly and or privatelyly when necessary.. imo -

Why is a reporting of what has been done so important? article 4 is reporting just as operational rates from the UN are.. After the fact.. imo... It is that simple.. so it seems to me any way.. imo

In other words. Imo, They show us they are article 8 just as they rightfully can without yet specifically saying so for 30 days ... lol - Mm


Harambe: CNBC: Ex-NBA star Darius Miles says this is how he blew through $62 mi​llion

In 2016, former NBA player Darius Miles filed for bankruptcy — following a basketball career in which he earned roughly $62 million in total salary, he became one of many former professional athletes who lost millions of dollars.

In an October article for The Player's Tribune, Miles, now 37, wrote an in-depth look at his sudden rise to fame and fortune, and the unfortunate circumstances that led to him burning through his money by the time he was 35.

How he made millions...

Miles was raised in East St. Louis, where his father "wasn't really in my life," he says in The Player's Tribune article titled "What the Hell Happened to Darius Miles?" His bus-driver mother raised him more or less on her own.