January 17th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  1-17-19  

Woke AF  Man. Am listening to trump's middle east plan and I'm like, OMG!

Doug_W  she would actually at one point in theire play ride him like a horse
Doug_W  have not seen that yet

Woke AF  https://youtu.be/KaZblh8L4pQ

Doug_W  ty

Woke AF  There it is~
Woke AF  The Jerusalem post reported???
Woke AF
https://www.jpost .com//Breaking-News/Trump-advisor-Greenblatt-denies-accuracy-of-peace-plan-reports-577673

By Charlotte Cowles

The Cut’s financial advice columnist Charlotte Cowles answers readers’ personal questions about personal finance. Email your money conundrums to mytwocents@nymag.com

It’s time to throw in the towel on 2018. We tried our best, right? I, for one, got nowhere near the bar I set in 2017, when I socked away a baffling 30 percent of my income.

This year, however, I was not quite so thrifty. On the upside, I’m satisfied with where my money went: I took a long trip to South America last spring, donated to great political candidates last fall, and paid some annoying but necessary medical bills last summer. But still. I’d like to get back on the wagon, or at least more disciplined.


DELTA:  FROM IRAQI TV:  The Economic and Investment Committee.... Iraq may be forced to float the dinar to encourage investment in Iraq.

Iobey777:  Oh YEAH!!! What was the word FRANK used last night? I believe he said they were FORCED to show their hand through the emails from the ICC!! IMO!!! 

MilitiaMan: Using words like Urgent Measures to reduce Auctions earlier, and now they may be FORCED to FLOAT the DINAR!!! The language is very powerful, thus, it is very important.. Again, the CBI stated the other day now, that the 2% fee on $20.00 (transactions) will cease on Sunday, thus, the take away is they may show us smalls.. imo.. Why all the Urgency? Logic points to reforms being completed, thus, change is coming.. imo ~ MM

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Night  1-16-19 


Woke AF  You know... doing thangs~

Baxter  You missed Kaperoni

Woke AF  Good. I read it tho~

Baxter  LOL..

Woke AF  No float~

Baxter  well.. I dont really care as long as it gets to a dime

Woke AF  Looking for a dolla~

Baxter  who is going to pay us?
Baxter  at a dollar... that would be at least 30 trillion dollars..

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 17, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Brexit is inevitable despite the no confidence vote.

The UK government will be replaced.

London has controlled the global financial system for approximately 4 centuries.

London and all Central Banks worldwide (including the US Federal Reserve Bank) is the source of Cabal funding.

3 factors are needed for the financial reset.