January 24th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Evening 1-24-19  Part 2 of 2
Baxter  it was so easy to lower the value.... put out a new currency.... having 60 billion of uSD....worth 3 dollars a piece... then you flood the market with 30 trillion...and the value goes to a tenth of a penny because of what you did
Baxter  now..you want to increase the value back.... but...that 40 trillion is still out there.. not the 20 billion you started with
Whitelions  I gave you my facts you can look them up , but if you have a closed mind that will not help you ether you will just believe what you want that's humen nature

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Evening 1-24-19  Part 1 of 2
KPOW  is this going to float? Are they being (forced) into it?
Baxter  I dont care what it is... give me my dime
Woke AF  We all float in the end~ LOL
KPOW  Heard!
Whitelions  an MP said that the CBI said NO FLOAT

Thank you Patricia

"Harmful Blue Light from Computers" by Patricia - 1.24.19

Entry Submitted by Patricia at 2:00 PM EST on January 24, 2019

Blue light negatively impacts the eye’s retinas, and can cause or contribute to macular degeneration.

My eyes were really getting irritated when using the computer, because of it’s blue light. My vision was also becoming worse. I was afraid I would have to curtail computer use and thus not be able to do my philanthropy projects effectively post rv.

However, I learned that by using the eye glasses with the yellow lenses, the blue light is neutralized. I actually had these glasses on hand for driving in low light conditions, including snow storms.

I could hardly believe how much my body relaxes when I use the computer with these glasses on, and how stressed it feels when they are off.


Don961: $ 111 billion Iraq budget in 2019

- 7 Hours Ago

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted Thursday on the budget for the year 2019, which rose by 45 percent from last year, including the re-share of the Kurdistan region, which is autonomous.

The budget amounted to 111.8 billion dollars with revenues rely mainly on oil exports at 3.9 million barrels per day, including 250 thousand barrels of fields in the Kurdistan region, the price of selling $ 56 per barrel, while the price of a barrel of oil in the market is currently $ 63.    link

GodsServant:  KTFA I can't hear you Yelling......................Budget approved in Billions  ........................Cue Amazing Grace

MilitiaMan: Amazing isn't it.. lol ~MM