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Marcia3: Looks like that wall thing is catching on..lol

Don961: Iraqi demands to build a fence between Iraq and Iran

 Sunday 27 January 2019

Khaled Al-Qara Ghuli

I am the first Iraqi to demand the construction of the separation barrier and the fence is no longer enough, and therefore a wall must be built between Iraq and Iran.

The project is gigantic and its costs are huge, and the question remains who bears the costs. In a dangerous precedent to the democracy of the invasion and the war on Iraq, the Iranian side in Iraq has entered with blessing and praise, whether in the previous or current stages by a number of senior Iraqi politicians.

This dangerous matter can bring Iraq back to the stages of sectarian mobilization. Is difficult if it is not the core of the Iraqi people who know well what the Iraqi wants. When this happens, then we can preserve the truth in order to support Iraq, to ​​serve the country and the people and take care of its interests that the new process of Iranian intervention threatens a new war between the great masses of the people, Body tendentious, 

​Ten Moves That Will Skyrocket Your Net Worth
By Guest Author - JULY 21, 2017
Post From Budgets Are Sexy

 We all have money tips coming out our ears. Do this. Don’t do that. Do this or that. And on and on… The advice seems endless. So much so that if you try to follow them all you’d end up with no time to actually live your life.
At the same time, all money tips are not created equal. While many are valuable, there are some that are exponentially better. These are the tips that will make you wealthy.
So let’s get to the good stuff and cast the rest aside for now. Based on the experience of managing my own money — allowing me to accumulate a few million dollars and retire at 52 — here are my recommended ten big financial moves that will propel your wealth skyward!

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 1-26-19  
****  Deep rooted Source: Association of Private Banks will participate tomorrow in the meeting of the Arab Monetary Fund  http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=15191

Economy News – Baghdad  The source revealed, Saturday, the participation of the Association of Iraqi private banks in the meeting of the Arab Monetary Fund to be held on Sunday, indicating that the meeting is focused on the concept of financial inclusion and means of implementation at the Iraqi and Arab levels.



20-Jan--- 1194.799 -1194.790
21-Jan--- 1195.002- 1194.792
22-Jan--- 1194.781 -1194.537
23-Jan--- 1194.225- 1194.203
24-Jan--- 1193.964- 1193.946

ChrisC: Delta, From all of your research and contacts, what do you think about volume of dinar now compared to Saddam's time? Are we close in note count or is there a whole bunch more? I haven't put a lot of thought into this so far, but I was just wondering what we were looking at comparatively. Thanks as always for all you do.