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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit about an Intel point of view. Yes I am the one that is supposed to get the toll free number for US, Canada, and Mexico and I think it is a real honor to be the one selected to receive those.

Those supposed to be coming to me from HSBC, the lead bank and they are partnered very closely with AIIB and aligned closely. They made the decision to release the numbers. I happen to know where they are originating.

I am excited to be able to receive those as such so I can put them out for the Tier 4B Group, otherwise known as the Informed Group and known as the Internet Group. Those that have been following calls, are on blogs. They are trying to read and study what is happening of the currency and redemption of the Zim and the exchange process of the other currencies..

BY David  January 29, 2019

The little book with a big message
For most of my life, I’ve aggressively pursued more. More career achievement, more money, more time with friends, and more hobbies. Over the past couple of years, though, I began to notice that my life was pretty full. Each new dose of “more” came with an opportunity cost.

At first, these were no-brainers. More time reading books meant less (and eventually no) time to play video games. More time focusing on physical fitness meant less time scrolling mindlessly on my phone. These changes worked for me and provided immediate tangible benefits in my life.

After those obvious choices were made, improving my effectiveness became increasingly difficult. Should I choose more time building this blog over time with friends?

By  dorisbelland at September 12, 2018 

Anna* was surprised by what she found when she started digging into the less obvious details of her finances.Blind choice

Anna is a professional who works with financial information all day long. Both she and her spouse have great salaries, they don’t have any debt beyond their mortgage, and they have a sizable chunk of change invested for their retirement. “I’m really good with money and we’re doing well. I’m pretty sure I don’t need this,” she insisted when she heard about my financial literacy courses. “Why would I go?”

Still, she was curious. Was she making the best use of her money? Could she do better? Was there something she was missing?

By  dorisbelland   August 16, 2018 

If I asked you to make a list of the dumb things you’ve done with money, would it be a two-liner or would you be reaching for a hundred-page booklet?

OK, forget the list. Let’s focus on one incident. What is the most embarrassing, daft, what-was-I-thinking, I’m-a-complete-idiot thing you’ve ever done with money? Be brutally honest here. No justifications, no fudging the details; just plain honesty. (If you have nothing to write down, you are a unicorn.)

Now write it down on a blank piece of paper. Include every detail, especially the ones that make you cringe, cry, or rant at yourself. Forget the rant, though, just write down the incident.

"Banks, the SCOTUS Gag Order, and NESARA" by Ron Giles - 1.29.19

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 9:09 PM EST on January 29, 2019


ALERT: Your Bank Account Has Been Compromised

(shown just below my signature)

There was little fanfare… even though the new rules compromised every single bank account you now have money in.

What changed? Now, whenever you deposit money in a bank, you are no longer considered a depositor. Rather, you are considered an unsecured creditor of the bank.

By  dorisbelland at January 16, 2019

Remember when you were growing up and life seemed to be full of rules? Take off your shoes before coming into the house. Don’t speak with your mouth full. 
Don’t use your brother as a stepping stool (at least not when mom Chalk board with three lines for rulesis around). Look twice before crossing the road. Finish your vegetables before having dessert. Be home before midnight.

Most of the rules made sense – well, except the bit about your brother. Mine made an excellent “assistant”.