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Don961: With the participation of Iraq .. An important meeting of the International Alliance in Washington
2019 - 01 - 30

Washington - The foreign ministers of the International Coalition against Da'sh will meet in the US capital on February 6 to discuss the organization's efforts to stamp out the terrorist

The 79-member coalition, with the participation of Iraq, will meet for in-depth discussions on the defeats suffered by Dahesh, the result of four years of efforts to eradicate it and its terrorist activities

The ministers, along with US Secretary of State Pompeo, are discussing the next phase of the campaign against terrorism in Iraq and Syria, which will focus on ensuring a resurgent return to stability through security and stability in Iraq and Syria

The ministers will also discuss the next important steps in the deterioration of the networks of Da'ash and its subsidiaries outside of Iraq and Syria

​The Million Dollar Age Grid
Four Pillar Freedom By Zach August 11, 2017
Finding Freedom Through Financial Independence
Million Dollar Age Grid
This grid shows at what age you can become a millionaire, based on your yearly savings and what age you start saving. This grid assumes you start with $0 and your savings are invested at a 7% annual interest rate.

​Finding Freedom Through Financial Independence
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Savings Grids
Four Pillar Freedom By Zach November 18, 2017 

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Savings Grids

Question: How much would you need to save every day in order to have one million dollars?
Answer: Depends on your timeline.
(the following examples assume a 5% annual interest rate)

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
January 31, 2019  Bogota, Colombia
These billionaires are issuing terrifying warnings about global debt levels
We write a lot about global debt levels at Sovereign Man.
In fact, the very first Notes from the Field I ever wrote, in June 2009, was about how broke the US was… and the severe consequences that eventually face a nation that recklessly spends money it doesn’t have.
And debt has been a major theme in this publication ever since.


Samson: Abdul Mahdi: The next two days will witness the implementation of an important agreement with Jordan

31st January, 2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Thursday signed an agreement with Jordan over the next two days, adding that the agreement will provide thousands of jobs.

"The next stage will witness great economic openness on the regional and global environment. Within two days, an important agreement will be reached with Jordan ....

The next stage will witness great economic openness on the regional and global environment.   LINK

Iobey777: Not sure what we will see happen "within 2 days"...but it sure will be exciting and fun to watch and find out!!!!