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Don961: Local exchange companies are preparing for a major demonstration on Jan. 24
2019 - 01 - 09


Hundreds of exchange-rate owners and employees are planning a major demonstration on January 24 to demand a change in their central bank policies, which they see as unjust and weaken their role and influence in the local economy.

And explained the reasons for their exit at the demonstration at the main gate of the Central Bank of Iraq with several points.

- Adopting a systematic policy of hostility against the private sector represented by exchange companies rather than sponsoring and supporting them, as is the case in other countries of the world.

- Dealing with disrespect and retaliation instead of practicing correction and reform. This has been reflected in the behavior of the staff of the committees in dealing with the owners of exchange companies by police methods and inspecting mobile phones, underwear, bags, etc.

Post From IQDCalls Chaut Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday 1-9-19  
Woke AF    Britain pound brexit crash wins Britain currency War!
Woke AF    LINK  
Tebow  British pound was $1.10 when I was there
Woke AF  https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudis-plan-to-cut-crude-exports-to-7-1-million-barrels-a-day-say-opec-officials-11546877089?redirect=amp#click=https://t.co/nym0MDT1tp

​Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
January 9, 2019 Bucaramanga, Colombia
The Rise Of Socialism: Standing On The Shoulders Of Morons
I’ve spent the last several days in this quaint Colombian city near the Venezuelan border (though I’m presently at the airport, en route to Chile for a board meeting).
As I’ve discussed several times in the past, Colombia is great. It’s naturally gorgeous, incredibly cheap, and full of interesting opportunities.
The country has recently emerged from decades of civil war. And the rebuilding efforts will have a profound impact on the economy… most notably with the national infrastructure.

The Federal Reserve Transitions into Nothingness

1/09/2019 06:17:00 PM News 

Do you realize that president Donald Trump is finishing what John F Kennedy started? Just to name a couple of things here; to end the Federal Reserve and destroy the three letter agencies, such as the CIA.

Now of course he’s not going at it alone, he has huge support and backup. But even with all of that you have to be a very courageous one to carry out these tasks against a bloodthirsty, power hungry family.

This is ending the Illuminati’s power over humanity. This is why they demonize president Trump on the mainstream media day in and day out. They fear him. Their shenanigans don’t seem to have much effect anymore. Only the sleepwalkers that are glued to their television sets do they believe any of that stuff that is spewed by the mainstream media.

First thing we will point out now is a few reasons why the Federal Reserve is an illegal entity operating within the Republic of the Unites States of America.