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All of us at Dinar Recaps wish all of our readers a 
Happy and Healthy New Year.

May all your dreams and wishes come true in the New Year.

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday 1-1-19  
Baxter  well ... now we will see what 2019 brings.. eh
Baxter  Gurus can start all over again
Doug_W  can't wait~`
Baxter  we will see If Trump can bring down the Deep State this year....
Doug_W  they are firmly entrenched so its gonna B "bloody"
Baxter  i know
Baxter  I watched a 2 hr Dave Janda session last night..... my goodness

The First Global Revolution - Implementing Globalization 2.0
December 31, 2018 Cultural, Economics, FREE POM
By JC Collins
Back in September of 2017, I wrote a piece titled "A Transcontinental Civil War?" where we explored the possibility of mass migration being the leading cause of a civil war which spanned across the borders of most Western nations. 
It was postulated that this civil war would be somewhat stage-managed to guide Western nations into accepting the broader mandates of Globalization and the United Nations non-sovereign framework for a world government.

White Hats Fact Check #147
White Hats Auxiliary And Fact Check Center
January 1, 2019   By whitehatsauxiliaries

Purpose: To Unite In Support Of The White Hats And Accurately Inform About The Mission To Release The World Global Settlements/Global Currency Reset
Happy New Year!
I hope your holiday celebrations were pleasant and refreshing.
WHA is now in its 5th year. I think it is only fair to discuss future plans. This is not an easy task since we cannot predict the watched-for outcomes with a high degree of reliability or certainty.
So, the future course will be subject to alterations based on results, or lack of. Information of late points to the first quarter of 2019 for some possible commencement.