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[MarySunshine] JESTER I think I found an interesting article ..... all this time and I have never found one.... !!!!



[MarySunshine] A Holiday Mystery: Why Did John Roberts Intervene in the Mueller Probe? 

Things To Do Before Making Any Investment If You Don’t Want To Lose Everything
By Financial Samurai

Things to do before making an investment

This post is a reminder to myself and to all of you that we can and will lose money if we invest in risk assets for a long enough period of time. The only way to never lose money again is if we never make any investments.

However, to build great wealth over time, it’s important to take calculated risks and continuously invest for the long term. Over time, stocks, real estate, and bonds have shown to beat inflation and provide a real rate of return. With the power of compounding, it’s only a matter of time before investors build a healthy nest egg.

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Breitling   Iraq can not function…they need $54 per barrel to survive…they’re telling us…in two years it’s going to be $25 per barrel. That means they’re in the negative. They need $54 to stay even. That’s just to make it. 

To survive…They are going to be below that by half…it makes me happy cause you and I are sitting on their currency. What are they going to do devalue it more? No. They are going to add value and you and I are sitting on it. 

You should be happy. It’s real…that’s the way it works. No body can get around this math…You have a hundred years of how countries devalued and valued their currencies and Iraq is no different. 

They are going to be forced to do it. Nothing can stop them from doing it. That’s what’s so neat about what’s coming up. 


Gipsy: 9 Tax Deductions That Are Gone In 2018 (And What To Claim Instead)

The info below is from: LIFE Money -- Casey Bond - 1/4/2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which passed in December 2017, involved some of the most sweeping changes to the U.S. tax system in more than 30 years. And Americans will experience the effects of those changes when they file taxes for 2018.

“Many itemized deductions ... will be capped, eliminated or otherwise diluted in power,” said Ben Flood, a certified financial planner and vice president of Bigelow Investment Advisors.

“Offsetting this for many tax filers is the fact that the standard deduction is significantly higher.”

How much higher? Nearly double what it was in 2017: $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for families.

That means it will be a lot tougher to qualify to itemize deductions. Those who do will find many differences in what they can claim. Here’s a look at the deductions you won’t be able to claim on your 2018 taxes ― and what you can do instead.

By Financial Samurai

There’s a saying that goes something like this: To feel rich, take whatever you earn and triple it. Once you get there, triple it again, and again, and again. In other words, due to hedonic adaptation, it’s impossible to ever feel rich!

But I’ve noticed on my path to financial freedom that there were several times when I felt incredibly rich. The Dow reaching 20,000 wasn’t one of them by the way. Perhaps you can share when you finally felt rich as well.