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​What a Financial Trainwreck Can Teach Us: Six Mistakes to Learn From
By Donna Freedman Updated on 11 29 - 18
A married couple recently confessed to some horrifying money blunders in an interview on the WealthSimple website. In their mid-40s and the parents of three kids, the pseudonymous Kate and Tom bring in $160,000 a year through their day jobs in insurance, with additional funds whenever Tom moonlights as a bartender for private parties.
Yet they have always spent more than they earned, and cannot seem to learn from previous mistakes. A few examples:
After wiping out their credit card balances a decade ago, they charged them back up even higher.
They have postponed paying back Kate’s law-school loans, which are now up to either $120,000 or $140,000 (she isn’t sure – and incidentally, she has never practiced law).

What Would You Pay?
By Donna Freedman  Updated on 01-01-19
If you could turn back time, how much would you be willing to pay for the privilege? A company called Bid On Equipment surveyed 2,000 people to ask how much they would pay to go back in time and experience particular moments.
Most of those snapshots of time were related to music, sports, pop culture, and history. The average prices people were willing to pay for these categories ranged from $639 to $39,334.

 A few examples:
$4,991 to attend a Tupac Shakur concert
$5,114 to watch the 1975 Muhammad Ali-George Frazier fight
$7,103 to experience the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
$11,757 to be at the premiere of ‘Star Wars’
​$26,896 to hear the Gettysburg Address


Don961: World Bank president resigns

21:37 - 07/01/2019

Information / follow up

World Bank President Jim Young Kim has announced he will step down early next February, three years after his term ends.

"It was a great honor to be the president of this wonderful institution, full of enthusiastic and committed individuals dedicated to the task of ending extreme poverty in the world," said Jim Young Kim, in a statement.

"The World Bank's mission is now more important than ever with the growing aspirations of the poor around the world and continues to increase problems such as climate change, epidemics, famine and refugees."