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By Paul Michael

Greed is a particularly ugly sin. While there are positive characteristics of pride, or even envy, it's almost impossible to use greed in any way that isn't an insult. It conjures images of fat cat CEOs hoarding millions, while their workers earn minimum wage. 

But although Ebenezer Scrooge and his ilk are portrayed as misers with serious money, greed can sometimes make you poor. Here are six examples of the way greed can eat away at your pot of gold.

By Emily Guy Birken 19 June 2018

When you read about self-made millionaires and billionaires, it can often seem as if their success was an inevitable result of their tenacity and savvy decisions.

But sometimes those choices are less savvy and more borderline irresponsible — and it would be foolhardy for most of us to try some of these stunts in our own lives.

The stories of people going from rags to riches may be inspiring, but most of us need to remain practical. That's why you should avoid copying these four life decisions successful millionaires have made. 
​... ​

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Friday  7-13-18  

tman23   Interesting ….as Prime Minister May and President Trump give their speeches.... Seem to be on the same page now AND those listening may have heard the "gold standard" slipped in the speech...…. Who knows what route they take BUT my imaginary buddy Walkingstick says we are close and Lt. Dan confirms what he is saying

Tebow   tman23 yes did hear the slip of 'gold standard's

Spectra   tman23 and what do you mean imaginary buddy walking stick? are you saying Walking stick is not a real person?

Baxter   Oh boy.... PTR will really love them saying back to the gold standards... the GCR is just hours away

Tebow  no reset

Reposted for our newest members"


This is a copy and paste from The Motley Fool. I removed all of the advertising and I think it makes some very good points for the situation we will soon be in.

Last week I told the story of two investors who went down very different paths - the one with all the degrees, training, and pedigree ended up bankrupt, the country secretary a multimillionaire.

Here's another instructive story about two people who handled money in totally different ways.

Gary Kremen founded online dating site Match.com in 1995. When The New York Timesinterviewed him in 2007, he was 43 years old and worth $10 million.

He's a huge success by any standard. Still, he didn't feel rich.


Authorsamoliver:  Is this a soft announcement of the Gold Back Standard?

Is this a soft announcement of the Gold Back Standard made by Prime Minister May standing beside Trump? Listen carefully at the 3 minute mark.  https://youtu. be/Y2qigggyvg8

Tada: May said... a deal that works for both countries right across our economies.; "A deal that builds on the UK's independent trade policies; reducing trade tariffs, "delivering a GOLD STANDARD in Financial Services corporation….Sounds like a soft gold standard announcement to me!!!

CharlieOK: Tada: That got my attention.