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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday 7-14-19  

Kaperoni’s conference call with Kaperoni & Steve (Ennorste) the mp3 is posted for replay. Great call.
http://DinarAlert.webs .com/conferencecalls.htm
Replay  2 hrs 37 mins https://dinaralert.webs .com/2019-07-13--16.mp3

Sandyf  @Dave future Govt does not Drop the zeros CBI does

Central banks have a limited role in the management of a currency. Changes to the monetary unit or major changes to the currency require government approval.

Deletion of the 3 zeros in Iraq will affect the monetary unit and as such will require a Bill to pass through parliament, not going to happen any time soon.


Samson: Parliamentary Committee: Adoption of the law of oil and gas can solve these problems

14th July, 2019

The Oil, Gas and Energy Committee of the House of Representatives on Sunday confirmed the adoption of the oil and gas law to solve all the problems related to oil and gas. 

"The adoption of the oil and gas law in the current session of the Iraqi parliament can solve all the problems related to oil and gas," said the deputy of the committee, Aram Naji, told Mawazine News. 

He added that "this problem and the dispute has become constantly repeated with the whole process of approving the federal budget, so this law should be among the priorities of the current session of Parliament."    LINK - https://www.mawazin .net/Details.aspx?jimare=55334

AnotherMailman: Ya think? LOL

It has been rumored that there are paid shills on many sites in Dinarland......maybe the rumors are true?

I was a Government Paid Shill

March 1, 2015 by Stephanie Relfe

Shill Definition: A person engaged in hidden, deceptive marketing. The shill attempts to sell products or influence people to act in a certain manner, by personally posting information, lies, fake stories and opinions on public forums with the pretense of sincerity, when in fact he is being paid for his services. He may also do other actitivities to steer the thoughts of readers in a particular direction, or away from certain topics, such as attack other posters or distract the conversation with sex or perversions.

Note: Supposedly the original poster of this article admitted that this was a hoax, much later. Did someone get to him and threaten him? You decide. We believe that this story was genuine.

Keep this in mind: We know for a fact that the military uses software to create fake identities to promote propaganda online. Psychological warfare was very important during World War II.

Also, Snowden has confirmed that internet shills are real. So why wouldn’t they, and other groups such as the drug companies, with their almost limitless incomes, pay for real, live shills similar to the story below? More links on this at the end of this article.


Sunday UPDATE for July 14, 2019

Iraq –
Iraqi TV is broadcasting that PM Mahdi's resignation letter is expected in the coming days. Skuttle-butt is abound of Abadi planning on returning to Prime Minister position.
[Does any of this overseas "news" really matter to us?] LOL

US –
Some bank employees are mandated to come in on Sunday afternoon....say what???


Debritt: whose hand is the rv in at this point? The US the CBI the BIS?

Jambie67: Debritt…. I don't believe anyone is holding up the RV at this point in time. We merely just have to wait our turn to go to the bank after the big currency holders and "known" currency holders are finished. No "hands in the RV" slowing it now. Just in line waiting.