July 17th 6pm

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Samson: Application form for the settlement of salaries

17th July, 2018

To all approved banks ( account opening form for the project of settling

the salaries ) ... To  download click here   

MilitiaMan:  Good afternoon Samson and Thank you, your compilation from 104 - 111 is collectively, very important topics that will be of ongoing processes of education in respect to finance, currency trading, RTGS, Clearing, etc... WS and Frank have said this was to be expected. The timing is uncanny.. The Gov is implementing new reforms at the same time. Even going after those that don't fit the bill so to speak as noted in #104 below..- ~imo ~ MM


TotallyBlessed: Good morning TNT! This will happen "suddenly" I think. Though we've watched for it for years, it will still come out when we least expect it. Like right now. I do NOT expect it right now. So right now works!

Briona: The speed of which they get things done in Iraq is not conducive to attracting investors. Excuses will only work for a while, before people lose interest in working in that environment. They had better get their act together and start working more efficiently, instead of constant delays.

Phantom809: The pressure is building. I don't think they can keep the cover on this for much longer…. Think of the original pressure cooker. A pot with a cover and a rock on top. Our pressure cooker has a cover with Iraq on top….. Sooner or later it will blow.

Natok: gm tnt, for those that are feeling down today, count your blessings, remember, it takes a lot less muscles to smile than to frown! chins up, we are here to win it!


Samson: The Council of Ministers provides salaries for grades assigned to Basra Governorate

17th July, 2018

The Cabinet, Tuesday, during its regular session to establish a mechanism to secure the salaries of grades assigned to the province of Basra. 

The Minister of Electricity, Qasim Fahdawi, in a press statement, followed by / Mawazin News /, "The Council of Ministers is considering during its regular session to be held today, the establishment of a mechanism to secure the salaries of grades assigned to the province of Basra." 

The High Ministerial Committee for the end of the crisis in Basra, Thursday (12 July 2018), announced plans to solve the problems of the province, including the allocation of 10 thousand jobs and the implementation of short and medium and long-term plans for service projects in the province. 

The provinces of the south are witnessing angry and continuous demonstrations, in protest against corruption and deterioration of the service reality in them.   LINK - https://www.mawazin. net/Details.aspx?jimare=5303