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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk about where we are with the Intel point of view. Normally we either start with China or Iraq. Tonight we are going to start with both. 

Iraq first because Iraq has basically completed everything we thought they needed to do except announce the new rate or put the rate out publically where people know about it. We are looking for an announcement from Iraq. We don’t know if it will come from Abadi or will it come from Shabbi and Abadi, or what exactly, but we do expect one and it could occur in the overnight tonight for us.

Bruce: We also are expecting an announcement out of China. This is also something that could be later on tonight or in the overnight tonight for us. It just may be the timing of that announcement from China may come after the announcement from Iraq. We will see.

I do not know exactly who will be making it or what exactly it will be about.  I told you guys on last Thursday we had 52, 53 countries that have already said they have gold back currencies. I think that number is only going to go up as we go farther into our GCR, our Global Currency Reset.  That is something we are looking forward to. Maybe we will find out about it.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Night 7-17-18  Part 2 of 2
Baxter  I hope things move some once the ballots are counted
meatball  I am sure once the election results are confirmed the bs will kick in

Baxter  most likely
Baxter  I really do believe something will happen with it someday... how much.. who knows

meatball  Baxter agreed

Baxter  one thing about Muslims.... they take pride in their money

meatball  may take some time.... who knows?

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Night 7-17-18  Part 1 of 2
ElmerFudd  Hello? Anyone here?
ElmerFudd  What's up Baxter?
Baxter  Its been quiet here in the evenings..
Baxter  Not much is up
Baxter  i wish
Baxter  Nope.... No one here

ElmerFudd  :)
ElmerFudd  No Dinar news huh?

Baxter  not much
Baxter  been quiet
Baxter  still waiting on the ballots i guess

By Kentin Waits

Financial success or failure is often the result of attitudes — both conscious and unconscious — that affect our behavior. No amount of budgeting and self-control can help us when we’re up against ingrained ideas about money management, spending, and debt.

If you’re having a tough time shifting your financial behavior, maybe it’s time to change your mind about money. Here are six common attitudes that work against us financially. 

(And the Lessons They Teach)
By Keith Whelan

Have you ever noticed how focused we are on winners? Most of our time and attention is devoted to people who have already succeeded — entertainers who now fill the stadiums or walk the red carpet, influential politicians, famous CEOs. But that's merely the end of the story.

So much more can be learned from the failures that got them there. Failure provides some of life's most enduring lessons.

One part of our culture where failure is not only accepted but is actually looked upon favorably is in business, among entrepreneurs. To entrepreneurs failure is worn like a badge of courage.

It often leads them to greater insights and solutions and, with a healthy dose of persistence, eventual success. This helps to explain why the United States continues to lead the world in innovation.