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A Tale of Two Banking Sectors: Canada vs. U.S.
Jeff Desjardins May, 2018
A Tale of Two Banking Sectors: Canada vs. U.S.

Regardless of which side of the 49th parallel you are on, banking sectors play a crucial role in both the financial system and the economy.
But while banks on each side of the border perform many similar functions, and have comparable economic impacts, the fact is that the U.S. and Canadian banking systems are very different.


Doodlebug: I only have a one word response to this article... (giggling) AWESOME!!!!!!!! IMO

Oxman: Wow..one week cutoff...maybe testing things and making certain a smooth transition...but what do i know...  

Samson:  Economist: Continuing cut off the Internet makes Iraq an environment of expelling investment

 21st July, 2018

The expert on the economic peace Samisem criticized the government's continued cut off of Internet service in Iraq, warning that: "This action creates an unsafe environment for foreign investment and financial transfer companies inside and outside Iraq." 


Frank26:  KTFA KONA .............. Look at the last notes I left you with and try to understand how everything we have shared with you is coming together in many ways 

Clare: Yes!!!! Everything! Just as you said...IMO even on the call with Ghost, you discussed this and both of you were on the same page about Maliki and finalizing Yogi's basket.....

Dena: IMHO---- the 4th quarter of the game is winding down... I believe we have taken a timeout before the final play.. time to pull out the final winning gameplay and cross the line:) All is well with my Spirit:) You all have a great day

SlappySquirrel: Indeed teacher...the doors of this investment are closing in a very rapid manner. From corruption being rounded up , to contracts, oil prices....its all coming together in many ways

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday   7-20-18  
Chattels    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Two people were killed in protests in southern Iraq on Friday evening.
"The casualties of the protests that many provinces witnessed today increased to two dead, one of them in Diwaniya and the other in Najaf. And 45 were injured, most of whom were members of the security forces,"

chattels"Things are gradually returning to normal" was the judgement offered to the recent visiting APPG delegation by Mrs Siham Mamand, the Assistant Head of the KRG’s Department for Foreign Relations.

This is a major theme of the soon to be published report of the recent delegation to Kurdistan and, for the first time, Baghdad where we also heard of encouraging signs of a reset in relations between Erbil and Baghdad.