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The Jump from Millionaire to Billionaire, and How Long That Takes
Jeff Desjardins April, 2018
Some people say that making the first million is the hardest.
Others, like oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens have quipped that the first billion is a “helluva lot harder”.
Regardless of which is true, it’s interesting to examine how long it took the world’s wealthiest to reach the million and billion dollar benchmarks, as well as how many years were in between.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday   7-22-18 
meatball  Iraq protests..…
Whitelions  Ports open bids to implement six vital projects
The General Company for Iraqi Ports is preparing to implement six operational projects in the form of investment and joint operation.


Elmerf123456:  You cannot possibly know where your heading without knowing where you have been. Attitude precedes Altitude. Get your mind right and all else will follow. Know your circle of those around you and embrace likeminded people. Synergy is magnificent energy!

Yada: Many people are missing the details for just looking for the RV,,this has been a ride of speed bumps and erected walls,,,Maliki was a speed bump and 3 years of ISIS was the walls,,,the election just resolved many of those elements that were corrupt in government and many were removed,,the ratification is what is expected and with the pressure of the UN,,looking to see

PamD: we wait for the release... the bank folks are done with all of their prep, and we wait only for the release. Nothing new but we are in a great place…. Once the release happens, we won’t remember the pain of waiting...we will be living out the plans we made.


RE:   Frank Post

Iobey777: Well, IMO, things are getting seriously close to them HAVING to show their new INTERNATIONAL RATE!!! That's what I think when I see this post!!! Very encouraging! Thanks to all who brought this post to us! Sending praise to God for your leadership and for His blessings!! 

MarkPamC: i was thinking more along the lines of them announcing all at once to the world of their new valued currency aka....Open for Business...with a currency of VALUE to the outside world!!! This is something that cannot be leaked out.....It must be shouted from the rooftops worldwide. Only one way to do that.....

Bill09:  getting their ducks in a row to complete their transformation into a new nation with a new currency that's international 

RockCharlie229: 2014 the ISX was connected to the NYSE VIA Fiber the CBI followed later. We have read about more fiber being laid throughout the country connecting other Banks to the CBI, then we heard about the point of sales system's. Connecting internationally is the next logical step Bravo.