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Frank26: Walkingstick Sir .......... do I talk on Friday Team Chat or do I remain silent  

Walkingstick:  Ok, to talk.... That, plus... coming to print...OFF..................... 

Frank26:   KTFA KONA ........... Red ..... Macintosh .......or Delicious ........... after reading WALKINGSTICK’s reply to me ............. How do you like them apples ?

Our silence has been with great purpose for there is much garbage about the elections and the seating of the government to the point of being ridiculous ............. hence why we wanted no part in that conversation until we were ready with our conversation for you.

 Will it be in our opinion ?

 Oh heck no .

It will be in print.

Join me this Friday on the 27th not for an eclipse of darkness but for an evening of enlightenment on your TEAM CHAT. (For Private Members Only)


PS ....... have you missed me ?

Smile............... Wink.

​.8 World Currencies That Took a Hit in 2016
By Tim Lemke
It's been a tough stretch recently for global currencies. Economic uncertainty, political shake-ups, and other world events have sent the value of currencies down sharply over the past year in many countries.
Moreover, the decision of some nations to float their currency on the foreign exchange market has had troublesome results. Currencies in South America have been hit especially hard, but others in Europe and Africa haven't been immune to weakening.
Here are eight currencies that dove in 2016.

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
July 23, 2018   New York City

One Of The Most Outrageous Investment Deals I’ve Ever Been Offered

One of the biggest banks in the world – a name you would certainly know – just pitched its top clients on a major investment.
The deal was only offered to its private clients (with at least $50 million in net assets); and as I started reading through the opportunity, I started to understand why…
We talked about this in a recent podcast: this particular deal was a $500 million real estate investment.


Tishwash:   Settlement of the salaries of 100 thousand employees in the Iraqi Bank for Trade

24/7/2018 12:00 AM 

Enter a new program to provide services to its customers 

Baghdad / Tarek al-Araji 

The Iraqi Trade Bank revealed the increase in the number of local employees to their salaries to about 100 thousand distributors among 35 ministries and government institutions, while introducing a new program of work continues until 10 pm to provide services.

The Director of the Bank of the Ministry of Finance Faisal Al-Hims, a special statement to the "morning": The bank has been working for nearly two years on the settlement of salaries of employees within the directions of government in this regard, to be paid through banks electronically,