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Yrmallmann:  Hello everyone, i work with a company who offers sea freight to Iraq. One iraqi employee who is a local in Zakho and Baghdad told me that things are really ugly right there. Total instability and chaos. they know the country has a tremendous potencial but all is "frozen" due corruption. The people from Baghdad does not want abadi as prime minister anymore due to the protests (even they know that he did all that he did), and he is being known as "slow" and "weak".

The protesters know the gov has a budget surplus due to oil prices, and know that something is wrong with the elections (no evidences of fraud and the counting is matching with the inicial results)...

The central bank is telling the citizens that economic reforms (i dont think it is only the rv btw) and other actions demanded to the central bank should be postponed to avoid "failing and unnecessary expenses".

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday  7-23-18  

chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2


Abadi complained he didn't have enough time to answer protesters after war with IS This despite being in office for 4 years and facing demonstrations over the same issues (jobs corruption services etc) every summer Also talk that protests mean Abadi unlikely to get 2nd term

Chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2  After waffling Sadr appears to be ready to throw in behind the protests

chattels   Iraqi cleric Sadr plans to order sympathizers to join angry protesters: reports
by Mohammed Ebraheem


​GRS Theater: How the economy works
J.D. Roth        March 2018

It’s time for another episode of Get Rich Slowly Theater, boys and girls! This week, we’re going to enjoy a thirty-minute YouTube video exploring how the economy works.

Think of it as Economics 101, but instead of a semester spent sitting in a classroom, you get all of the info in the time it would take you to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory.

This animated presentation, written and narrated by billionaire investor Ray Dalio, breaks down economic concepts like credit, deficits and interest rates, allowing viewers to learn the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work, and why economic cycles occur.

By Tanya Hill

23 July 2018 — 6:12am

July has already been a real treat for stargazers, with five planets to see in the evening sky, Mars looking the best we’ve seen in 15 years, and now, in the early hours of Saturday morning July 28, there will be an extraordinary total lunar eclipse.

We are currently in the midst of a five-planet season due to Jupiter and Saturn being on the same side of the Sun.

Look to the sky after sunset, and if you have a good view of both the eastern and western horizons you’ll see the planets stretched out in a line. Mars and Saturn rise in the east, Jupiter sits high overhead, and bright Venus and faint Mercury set in the west.

​GRS Theater: The Parking Lot Attendant Worth Half A Million Bucks
J.D. Roth March 2018

In this week’s installment of Get Rich Slowly Theater, we’re going to look at a real-life money boss: Earl Crawley, a parking attendant from Baltimore. Mr. Earl (as he’s known) was profiled on the PBS show MoneyTrack. Here’s a six-minute segment about this super saver:


Frank26: Article: “The demonstrations are pushing more than 350 Iraqi politicians to leave Iraq with their families in the past few days”     LINK

We told you that very soon the corrupt politicians would run like cockroaches and now you see the evidence of one of the things that I did not want to talk about .........

SlappySquirrel: Indeed this is getting very exciting!! Frank's TF coming to a close, bozo politicians packin' bags and getting the heck out of dodge, Rouhani getting an earful from trump, oil prices right where they need to be, article 2 to be dropped by a WS at any moment...indeed it is an exciting time to be a part of this monetary reform as we reach closure in these final days of July 2018...