July 26th 10pm

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​The Skills Needed to Survive the Robot Invasion of the Workplace
Jeff Desjardins June 2018
Automation is coming to the workplace.
Millions of jobs will be destroyed, but many jobs will also be simultaneously created in the process as well.
For those in the workforce – or for those just joining it for the first time – the big question is: what skills are needed to navigate this monumental shift in the economy? How will humans create value in an increasingly automated world?

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
July 26, 2018 New York City, USA
No One Has Ever Lost This Much Money In All Of Human History
As you you’ve no doubt seen by now, shares of Facebook plunged around 19% this morning.
In fact it was down as much as 25% in after-hours trading, wiping out $120 billion of wealth in a matter of minutes.
To be clear, that is the largest single-day loss of value ever seen in the history of the world.

The Journey Of Grief & Loss
By Diane Wing
Death and Fear Changes Us All

(Recaps Note: We realize this topic may be a delicate area for some but we find the information very beneficial and worthy of reading and saving. We hope you do as well )
Many fear the Death card in tarot. It is the idea of the unknown that shakes us to the core. We can theorize what happens at death, but won’t actually know until our time comes. Experiencing smaller deaths throughout our lifetime prepares us for the final transition from the physical to the eternal.
Death itself is a transition from one state to another. It may indicate the death of a state of being, a belief, or a situation. It could portend the ending of a relationship or the actual end of our time on the physical plane. The type of ending can be interpreted in the context of the cards around it.


Zmmstw: So tomorrow is full moon with lunar eclipse i think...always thought full moon key to the Iraqi culture ....com on RV

Eccl519: Every astrological event for the last 8 years was going to bring the RV lol. I go with cleaning up the corruption...can't fill the jar with cookies until all unauthorized hands are out

Briona: They must have had plans a while ago to RV, otherwise the mass education on the new currency would have been for nothing. They just have to get everyone on the same page and working in unison, which seems to be a big problem for them at this time.

Eccl519: I believe they are learning as they go...too many uneducated Parliment members and so-called Gov officials. It will happen for sure with all tha untapped wealth...the World wants/needs it!

RVAlready: I think the only option is to start with Iraq. But Abadi should have carried through with this last October, when he said he was going to. Stupid blunder carrying this into 2018…. I do not think they needed another education program. They have had several, and this is simple arithmetic in the country that gave the world the decimal system and much of classical physics.