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BillA: Have you ever been to a good movie where all of a sudden it ends and you're not ready for it to end and you screamed NOOOOOOOOOOO.....That's how I felt when Live Stream stopped. LOL Frank, In the last eleven years I cannot recall a CC that kept me on the edge of my seat like this one did. Thank you

Frank6: IMO ....... MAYBE ON THE 4TH ....... T (Trump) MAY IGNITE OUR CURRENCY AS WELL .....

Monday Night KTFA CC 7-1-19

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night 7-1-19  

Futuremoney  Heres some good news....

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport said on Monday that the Iraqi ports have witnessed an unprecedented movement in the anchoring of various vessels in the port of Umm Qasr South and the company said: The ship con landed on the pavement No. 2 carrying sugar raw material from Brazil with a load of 44 thousand tons

And berth No. 3 docked by the ship sheila carrying sugar from Brazil, weighing 42 thousand tons, and anchored the ship spring on a platform 4, carrying tires, batteries and various materials weighing 281 tons.

The ship was anchored on a 5 berth with 480 containers and the Mercury Rust on the 6th berth carrying 359 containers. 

Reserve Currency from Bretton Woods to China's Yuan
By Justin Kuepper  Updated June 25, 2019

A reserve currency is a currency held in significant quantities by many governments and institutions as a means of international payment and to support the value of national currencies. While these reserves used to consist mostly of gold and silver, 1944's Bretton Woods system expanded acceptable reserves to include the U.S. dollar and other currencies.

From Our Archives
"Your Money & Your Affairs Post-RV"
By FXStrategist at WSOMN

As a former financial planner and market strategist (equities, derivatives, FX, risk management), I would like to share my current thinking concerning managing one's money and affairs post RV.

THESE ARE ONLY MY OPINIONS and contemporary CONCLUSIONS! I am not a licensed investment adviser and I am an amateur student of NESARA and its consequences. 

​This is not professional advice but rather my conclusions and thoughts developed over months of research, strategizing and thinking with my small group, and planning and consulting with existing banking and investment contacts. Please take this all as one person's posture as of this moment in time. I hope it helps in even a small way.