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The 5 Biggest Success Factors of Self-Made Millionaires
By  Nate Lee
It was after my first “real job” out of college that I became a true student of success and wealth. Just days after graduating I found myself employed and living in a completely different city.
Corporate Self-Made Millionaires?
It was a great experience, but that job lacked something. Good money…big money. The job I landed paid me according to current market rates for recent college grads. However, I was convinced I wasn’t being paid enough.
After spending four hard years with my nose to the grind, there was an expectation that I was to come out of the gates, guns a blazing, and making some real money. But that didn’t happen.
As soon as I got my hands on that first paycheck, my dreams felt dashed.
Let’s just say, that first paycheck was nothing to brag about.
Maybe you can relate?
It only took a few weeks of receiving that pittance of paycheck from the fortune 500 company I was employed with, that I realized, “This is not what I went to school for”.

30 Positive Thinking Quotes to Overcome Negativity
By Dan Western
Today, in the world that we live in, there are a lot more people thinking negatively than there are thinking positively.
It’s sad really, that so many people are depressed with their lives; most of them because they just can’t quite see how great their lives would actually be if they changed their attitude and the way they think.
I’ve compiled a list of 30 positive thinking quotes, which you should definitely read to destroy and overcome negativity within you. It amazing how much of an affect quotes can have on someone’s mindset.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  7-31-18  
Chattels   Iraq remains in the "b" international credit rating .. high debt repayment in foreign currency risk
Monday 30 July 2018 | 22:52  Said "Fitch" International Foundation credit ratings, Monday, he kept classified Iraq unchanged at " B -" with a stable outlook.
She added , "Fitch", in a statement seen "Eye of Iraq News" on it, it is classified as confirmed to the risk of default on debt in foreign currency in the long term, when " B -" means a high risk.
She noted that the classification of Iraq, is restricted as a result of weak governance, political risks high and the banking sector is evolving.

​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
July 31, 2018 Santiago, Chile

Finally. A Major Victory For Common Sense
In a major victory for common sense, a group of cosmetologists defeated an insanely stupid regulation passed down by the state of Louisiana.

Louisiana, just like the other 49 states in the Land of the Free, governs licensing requirements for dozens… hundreds of professions… ranging from athletic trainers to tour guides to barbers and cosmetologists.

And most of the time the licensing requirements are just plain idiotic.
In Louisiana, for example, the State Board of Cosmetology had formerly required an unbelievable 750 hours of training (which costs thousands of dollars) simply to be able to thread eyebrows.