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Still Hoping:  Who wants to hear a bank story from today ?! :) 

So I have been a little more confident about making some banking inquiries now more than ever and I called a few branches of the same bank in the same area to find out which branch would have the services I need

One teller was super helpful and gave me his WM friend's name and contact info

I left a message on another investment banker's line and told them I was bank shopping.

So here's how it went down..... A guy from the investment banking branch called me and wanted to know a little more about the services I might need. I briefly explain a few things and he said he was excited and hoped that his branch would be able to help me with the needs and could he have a wealth manager call me, and I said yes to having one call me


JWill: I bet Zimbabwe finish ballot counting before Iraq does!!!  As Corrupt as. Zimbabwe is.. they can get a govt formed & votes counted in 1 week where it may take Iraq 2 months. Zimbabwe has done this before in the past.

RVAlready: I do not think CBI cares about the vote. I think the vote is just a false delay, while any remaining financial item are moved into place. I think waiting for the recount is a sham…. I think we have the demonstrators to thank, for pushing on the CBI to finish quickly

RVAlready: One more thing from the crazy mind of rvalready: Abadi + the COM are the GOI. The recounts are proving to change nothing. Therefore, they should do the RV before parliament convenes. They do not need them, and they could try to get in the way. Nobody but Abadi will be the now and future PM.


Clare: Loaded....LOVE the LEAKS, LEAKS & LEAKAGE!!!! Very Enlightening!!!!

LEAKS from the Horses Mouth!

IMF lifted barriers, all sanctions, ART 8....Lifted! CBI must move fast for many reasons: THE PEOPLE, jobs, demonstrations....the people need it!

It's about the people of Iraqi! They need the increased purchasing power, a sense of pride in using their currency! 

Iraqi Private Bank Ass. last week told all private banks in Iraq to open the branches in all the Gulf States & in Iraq.....International!

Walkingstick's Article   Huge! Well Calculated in timing of the release...

The absence of small monetary categories is detrimental to the stability of the local economy