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Clare: WOW!!! Frank, Walkingstick, Delta, AG & Teams...you ROCKED THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!

Thanks so much! You all are really amazing! Can't get this, anywhere else!!!

How in the world do you sum up this CC? There was so much in it.....

Frank did it best with his KONA checklist, in his words:

1.Chapter 7...Gone..most of it...Enough /wow

2. UNSC unfreezes Assets /wow

3. HM /wow

4. FATF /wow

5. Laundering Money, Counterfeiting

6. Corruption, Control /wow 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday    7-1-18 

Baxter       7-1-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni More great news today from the Iraqi banking sector. CBI News. "Iraq is no longer subject to monitoring and follow-up by the FATF." This is a great example of what the IMF said about Iraq sending a positive message to the global banking system.

By meeting these requirements they are getting very close. Got to love it when the CBI keeps fulfilling compliance requirements. In my opinion the CBI is not only gathering significant confidence but they are gathering momentum signing agreements and meeting compliance.

I believe IMF Article VIII is coming very soon. I am not one to get overly excited but in this case I am one that believes that Iraq will continue pushing the banking system forward. That is exactly what we want.

Teaching kids about money: How to raise money-smart kids
By J.D. Roth February 2018

A few years ago, I polled my Twitter followers to ask: “What did your parents teach you about money? Anything? Did it work?”

A lot of folks responded to say that their parents were poor examples:

@MoneyMateKate wrote: My parents didn’t teach me — I taught them! I was paying my own dental bills (no insurance) from age 12 onwards with babysitting dollars.
@liberryteacher wrote: My parents never had any money, and life was hard. So they taught me by example that that was not a good way to live.

​Ask the readers: Should you give money to your adult children?
By J.D. Roth  February 2018

This week’s reader question is an example of why I love the “ask the readers” feature here at Get Rich Slowly. I get to write about situations that otherwise would never occur to me!

Karen writes because she’s having trouble with two of her kids:

I keep getting sucked into helping two of our children who can’t seem to get it together. I don’t want to see them on the street but they keep making dumb mistakes. What do you do when faced with a kid going to prison for lack of funds to pay fines? What about a different kid who is at risk of becoming homeless?

This is tough to watch. (I really prefer dogs!) When does helping a family member financially become enabling? Or is it always enabling?