July 4th 6pm

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The Dinar Recaps Team wishes everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.

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Hazen:  Question: does the IQD have to wait for the other currencies in the basket to RI???  

FaithPrevails:  IMO Hazen at this point in our study there are no bad questions. IMO I am not sure if this question was ever directly asked. I look forward to the responses from KONA. I believe you are asking does the basket have to be ready with the other currencies first prior to the RI. Imo no since the basket will always be growing and changing based on a countries value and desire to be a part of the basket. IMO

BillA: Agreed, Unfortunately we do not know what/who's currencies could be added to the SDR basket. I did find this interesting, while looking at which currencies and their proportions which constitutes the value of the SDR......There seems to be a pattern of names of countries that meet with Iraq more than others to assist in the rebuilding process.

"Crumb Followers" by Truthseeker - 7.4.18

Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 9:08 AM EDT on July 4, 2018

For several months I’ve been on the sidelines lurking, watching and researching. What I find amazing is how different the picture looks when you view things from a 10,000 foot perspective as opposed to playing in the fire.

So here are my observations; the majority of Intel providers are still spewing out an “any day, any minute” scenario, but nothing seems to change other than the date.

Like most Intel providers I also have a core group of sources / resources who I’ve amassed during my 8+ year journey. These contacts work hard to provide the latest and greatest information available at any given moment, but like most Intel providers resources, the information seems to change quicker than a newborns diaper.

I can’t speak for other Intel providers, but my personal contacts are all across the globe in many different segments, i.e., political, geo-political, law enforcement and military.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

A massive break in the Cabal system occurred 242 years ago which was known as the War of Independence.

Another massive break is on the verge of occurring.

A break that will end the Cabal system for good.

The 2nd War of Independence, this time on a global scale.

This war is being fought with information rather than bullets.

7/4/2018 is numerologically 11:11.

Hello Again Dinar Recaps!

I thought it would be nice to share our tribute to America this 4th of July with our video of “America The Beautiful” 

I am an 11-year follower of Dinar Recaps family, and thought that your amazing website could feature our video as a gift to DinarLand! There is also a free download for those would like the song to add to their holiday listening! Hope you like it! And Thank you so much!

Press Release:
West Haven, CT, July 01, 2013 -A Fourth of July Holiday Gift of a song from Rosefarm.Com. Charlie Farricielli, of Rosefarm.com International President and Musician, has performed an extraordinary inspirational interpretation of this wonderful classic. Charlie has colorfully performed this song for events like The World Special Olympics and featured at many world Sporting and National Non-Profit Events Nationwide throughout the years.


Samson:  US Senator Lindsey Graham: The security situation in Iraq is better now

4th July, 2018

US Senator Lindsey Graham said on Wednesday that the security situation in Iraq was better now and there was an obligation to enforce the law, while the perceived weakness of Iraqis' The politicians must be aware of its content, he said that Iraq is the most appropriate place to celebrate the American Independence Day.

"The Fourth of July is America's Independence Day and the best place to be to celebrate this anniversary is at the US Embassy in Iraq with those who defend and make the world," Graham told a news conference at the US Embassy in Baghdad in the presence of US Ambassador Douglas Silliman. Best".