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"4th July Show in Washington DC" by Sierra (NZ) - 7.4.19

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 8:22 PM EDT on July 4, 2019

Okay, there were no big earth-shattering announcements but it really was a magnificent show.

It occurs to me that the show was about honoring the great country of United States of America and its military. It was not the appropriate platform for political announcements such as the restored Republic, gold standard and the possible icing on the cake - JFK Junior.

Here are some of the highlights from the show for me...

Right near the beginning, President Trump mentioned the Space Force. Yay!

He mentioned George Washington at least three times. A nod to JFK Junior and George magazine? Maybe.

He said, 'Our nation is at its strongest NOW'. The crowd started chanting 'USA! USA!'

A financial therapist can help you get to the root of your problem
By Pat OlsenJune 26, 2019
Financial Therapy

Like many married couples, Stephen and Kathy Read of Wayne, Pa., knock heads about money. Stephen, a retired engineer in his mid-70s, is a spender. Kathy, a musician in her mid-60s, is frugal. In 2016, they decided to talk to a money therapist. “They’re supposed to know about these things,” says Stephen.

Meeting with the financial therapist, the Reads say, was a huge help. Stephen says he came away realizing that he and his wife “kind of complement each other.“ Now, he says, he has “great respect” for her financial caution.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 7-4-19  

Matt  Dow Jones Industrial Average INDEXDJX: .DJI  26,966.00 +248.57 (0.93%)^
Matt  Price of Gold 1,419.79 +2.09+0.15%  Silver 15.31 +0.06+0.39%

sandyf  @chattels I would be pleased to have commentary from Sandyf and others out there regarding any significance to this development.

I wouldn't try and read anything into it, governments can do things with money that is above and beyond Joe Public.

Despite what what many will say, the IQD has been traded on forex at government and institutional levels for many years. I have a print from 2011 which showed 4 transaction codes in use at the time, last time I looked there were 11 codes in use.


Thursday UPDATE for July 4, 2019

HAPPY JULY 4 !!!!! 

We did NOT receive 800 numbers nor any announcements of the RV.

Some Call Centers were manned today......just in case something "Big" happened.

Reportedly, the sequestered banking staff were given the day off and told to return "first thing" in the morning.

Multiple rates are now being seen....to fit the situation.....I suppose.

Tish's "ain't gonna happen on a Friday" theory just might prove false. LOL  Time Will Tell 


Iobey777:  HUUGEE!!!IMO!!! Calling to have the auctions only ONCE a week!!! WOW!!

Samson: Deposit of intermediary companies

4th July, 2019

To / All Authorized Banks ( Deposit of brokerage companies to enter the window of sale and
purchase of foreign currency

We affirm our pledge No. (190/5/9) in 2019/5/12 to the necessity of only one deposit
a week by companies mediating the sale and purchase of foreign currencies for the
purpose of buying the dollar from the window of buying and selling foreign currency

https://cbi .iq/news/view/1171

MilitiaMan: This is a slam dunk! The auctions have been stopped as we knew them as of today. Timing? lol