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Seriously, If you had $10,000 right now what would you do with it? How would you spend it and on what?  Down payment on a house? Dental Work? Education? Vacation? Maybe take care of burial expenses? Investment? Automobile or Camper or Boat? Pay off a debt? Please share your thoughts in our comment section -- Thank You

Ten Great Things To Do With $10,000 Now
Ideas For Making Good Use Of A Hefty Windfall

Finding that you have an extra $1,000 on hand gives you a chance to make a fresh start and do something new. That could be a timely investment, a better fitness routine, or a home upgrade. In fact, we found 20 smart things to do when you have $1,000 burning a hole in your pocket (and 15 totally realistic ways to come up with that cash.) 

​How Americans Make and Spend Their Money, by Education Level
By Jeff Desjardins June 10, 2019

Months ago, we showed you a set of data visualizations that highlighted how people make and spend their money based on income groups.

Today’s post follows a similar theme, and it visualizes differences based on education levels.

Below, we’ll tackle the breakdowns of several educational groupings, ranging from high school dropouts to those in the highest education bracket, which is defined as having achieved a master’s, professional, or doctorate degree.


DonnaJeane: THE ANSWER - Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank (per Tony's comments on 6-10-19)   http://www.hannenabintuherland .com/europe/the-federal-reserve-cartel-the-eight-families-who-own-the-usa-the-rise-of-bis-imf-world-bank-dean-henderson-on-free21-org/
This will give you probably most of what y ou want (or do not want) to know about the beginnings of the Federal Reserve Bank.

NWMontana: Or, you could read this article for a completely different take. Eyes and minds open at all times friends!    https://www.thebalance .com/who-owns-the-federal-reserve-3305974


Pujo Committee Finds Real Money Trust. Payseur Family.

"The national banks in the great cities are exceeding their charter powers... even extended into foreign countries.."