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​How To Think Like a Billionaire: Opportunity Costs and Conscious Spending
By J.D. Roth
Whenever you make a choice, there’s a cost.

By choosing to buy one item, you pass on the opportunity to purchase other items. By choosing to do one thing, you pass on the opportunity to spend your time on anything else. Opportunity cost is what we give up in order to have the thing we choose.
Let’s look at an example.
Imagine you own a delivery company. You have $10,000 to spend on new equipment. You could buy a new truck to add to the fleet, but then you wouldn’t be able to replace the ten-year-old computers in the main office. But if you buy new computers, you won’t have as many trucks available to make deliveries. No matter which option you choose, something is lost. That’s opportunity cost in action.
While this concept is applied constantly in business, it’s often overlooked in personal finance.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Evening  6-11-18  
tman 23    “On Feb. 24, 2016, the Treasury Department issued a specific license to Bank Muscat to authorize the conversion of Iran’s rials to euros through ‘any United States depository institution,” TAKE NOTE WHO AUTHORIZES THE CONVERSION...…. LOL..... IT'S THE UST NOT THE IMF....
 meatbal   lwhat exactly is thel   ESF


Don961:  Suspected role of "person" in the explosion of Sadr City and the burning of the electoral warehouse (video)

6/11/2018 8:38:20 AM


To the Iraqi intelligence service, and the concerned parties:

The second was the burning of the electoral commission store in Rusafa in Baghdad. The "employee" or "official" appears in the two scenes, depending on the period of time between the explosions and the difference in location, Which marks the question of its role in the two incidents, which bear the fingerprints, and the means, in the burning, detonation, and destruction.

The follower of the video notes how this person, in the first section of the video, shows what the poor citizen says about his order, the father of five of the girls affected by the accident, and then his successor disappears.

Developing Financial Resilience
By J.D. Roth Get Rich Slowly
My friend Craig is an architect. A couple of years ago, he took me on a tour of his company’s offices. “The cool thing about this building,” he told me, “is that it’s especially resilient.” I could tell from the way he said it that the word resilient meant something a little different to him than it did to me.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“In architecture, resilience describes a structure’s ability to return to its original state after a disturbance,” Craig explained. “Say strong winds cause a skyscraper to sway or an earthquake shakes a house. If they’re resilient, those buildings move with the outside forces but then return to normal when things calm down.”