June 13th 6pm

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Breitling : Phenomenal news out of Iraq. What happened…is going to push the revaluation of the dinar that much quicker and that much more…Security council…letting the CBI out of sanctions that happen on June 6th or 7th…It’s a big deal for us. 

There are a lot of entities and persons in Iraq that have been sanctioned and the CBI was one of them. People don’t realize this. 

The CBI could have revalued under the sanctions they were under. All they had to do was reduce the note count. So what does it mean for us?

It’s not a coincidence that Iraq got out of these sanctions knowing where the price per barrel is going to go and the next thing you know they’re out of these sanctions… 

So they are not going to have as many US dollars because the price per barrel is going to go down. What are they going to use? They are going to use the Iraqi dinar. So it’s a big huge deal for us. 

The Transformation of Our World
JC Collins June 10, 2018
Cultural, Economics, Esoteric, FREEPOM, Geopolitical

Things are strange and George Soros has stated that everything has gone wrong. Depends on your perspective I suppose. 

It’s a rainy Sunday morning and I’m here staring at the computer screen wondering what to write about. Through my headphones the sounds of a YouTube video called 852 Hz - Let Go of Fear, Overthinking and Worries are soothing my aggressive nature. Yet, I’m overthinking what to write about. So I’m just going to write and see what comes out.

Antonio, my eldest son at 22, is on his way over for a visit. It’s our Sunday thing. Antonio is wise and becoming so much more than I ever could have been at that age. I’ve seldom written of my sons as its a very private part of my life. The three of them are the best thing I ever did for this world.


Tishwash: IMO this is the clearest statement of what the Federal Court decided today Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraq’s top court has turned down challenges to recent parliament-introduced amendments to the elections law which involved adoption of manual recount of votes for the latest parliamentary polls.

RVAlready: It does not matter, recount or no recount now. Sadr has enough combined votes to put Abadi in as PM, and guarantee everyone elses defeat. Then, on July 1, parliament is ended, and all the bad boys can be arrested…… End of story.

Harambe: Reuters: Iraq's Sadr and Amiri set to lead talks on new government