June 14th 6pm

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By J.D. Roth

An Early Birthday

To celebrate my 49th birthday, I want to share 49 nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up during my time on this Earth. These are things I’ve found to be true for me — and, I believe, for most other people. (But, as always, remember that each of us is different. What works for me may not work for you.)

For obvious reasons, some of these notions overlap with the core tenets of the Get Rich Slowly philosophy. Plus, long-time readers will recognize this as an update to an article I’ve shared before on my birthday.

Some of the ideas that follow are original to me. Some aren’t. When I’ve borrowed something, I’ve done my best to cite my source. (And I’ve tried to cite the oldest source I can find. Lots of folks borrow ideas from each other. There’s nothing new under the sun and all that.)

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Afternoon  6-14-18  

Chattels   The high exchange rate of the dollar .. 120,500 dinars 13/06/2018
BAGHDAD - The exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar witnessed a rise in the foreign exchange markets. The price of selling $ 100 on the battleground in Baghdad reached 120,500 dinars, after yesterday's price was 120.2500.

The purchase was 119,500 dinars, While the sale price of $ 100 on the Arbil Stock Exchange 121,000 dinars and when the purchase was 120,000 dinars, and in Basra the exchange rate 120,500 at the time of sale and 119.500 at the time of purchase.



Judy: So many articles coming out today! just as Frank said there would after the elections.

I know that Eid al Fitr is starting and many employers are giving the employees off until the 20th.

They will have many day to Celebrate and show thanks. 

It would be Great if the RI would be announced to give the people of Iraq even more reason to Celebrate.

Emailed to Recaps:

DebTarHeelgirl: General Questions to Ask Wealth Advisors

Choose the questions that are most relevant for your situation When interviewing a wealth advisor, it is important to ask the right question and know how to interpret the answers. 

Here are select questions to get you started. In a formal selection process the family should come up with additional relevant questions that will isolate important criteria.

Firm Background and Ownership

  1. When was the firm founded?
  2. When did the firm begin providing wealth advisory services? What was the impetus behind the creation of the multi-family office business, if applicable?
  3. What is the firm's organizational structure? If family-owned, what is the percentage of the family s interest?
  4. What is the firm's ownership structure? If family-owned, what is the percentage of the family's interest


Thursday UPDATE for June 14, 2018

The CBI is informing its citizens that cash can be withdrawn at cash sales places but limited to 2 million. This is for Dinar ONLY!

PM Abadi on TV stating that its business as usual through June 30, 2018, the new administration takes over telling the losers not to request an extension of time via the courts due to violations of their constitution.

The Iraqi stock exchange will not be trading during the EID al-Fitr holiday of June 15 - June 19. The first trading session will be on June 20, 2018.