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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

The Alliance have shifted focus to the disclosure of internal issues and corruption within the U.S. Government.

Sources are now indicating that the RV was released "softly" as of yesterday.

The RV is now "trickling" down starting with transactions occurring in major financial city hubs such as Hong Kong and London.

Tier 4 (the internet group) will be able to exchange/redeem via private appointment only.

The private appointments will be acquired through the 800#'s.

The duration of the "trickling" would only take a few days to reach Tier 4.


Why The Vietnamese Dong Will Reset
By JC Collins Feb 2014
Cultural, Economics, Esoteric, FREEPOM, Geopolitical

GCR: Why the Vietnamese Dong will Revalue

Vietnam has achieved a truly remarkable thing. While being a dumping ground for U.S. dollar inflation and having its own currency consistently devalued, 

​Vietnam has managed to produce one of the fastest economic expansions and modernizations in the history of the world. It’s a model of modernization built upon the experience and lessons of China, Korea, and other Asian countries which developed before it.
The modernization of Europe and the Americas took centuries. The modernization of China was achieved in approximately 50 years. Compare that to the astonishing modernization which only began in Vietnam in the mid 1990’s.  

A Brief History Of U.S. Home Ownership
By J.D. Roth May 2018

During the month of May at Get Rich Slowly, we’re going to turn our attention to home and garden topics. To start, I want to take a brief look at the history of the U.S. housing market. Some folks might find this dry. I think it’s fascinating.
Private land ownership is baked into the U.S. culture and Constitution. It’s part of the material plenty we expect from the American Dream. For most Americans, homeownership implies success and freedom and wealth.
But for a long time, homeownership was the exception rather than the rule. Only farmers were likely to own land and a house during the country’s early days. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, homeownership became more common for urban dwellers. Still, less than half of all Americans owned their homes until the late 1940s.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Night Early AM  6-16-18  
Bunny   Forget the clock that is currently showing on DA ~ it is a DEMO clock, states on corner, "Demo, click here to buy" so the tick tock on it means nada to any of us.~ Tebow relax ~ hang in there just like the rest of us ~ LOL
Bunny    Zig Exactly, have to contact IMF, go through their process(es) and so on. Not an overnight - clock hit midnight, hear the chime ~ situation. And, they must continue the maintain the currency rate all through the process - can't go over or will be back at the beginning. I, personally, hope they have control , but ~ well , it is Iraq ~ grin
tman23   House of Commons of Canada sided on Tuesday with a Conservative motion demanding that Ottawa "immediately cease all negotiations or discussions" with Tehran, said a report...…… LMAO !! ….. WHO'S YOUR BIG DADDY ?? …..errr that would be Donald J Trump...……. LOL !! now lets see where Germany ends up...