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What Video Games Taught Me About Finance

Action-adventure and RPG games are packed with hidden lessons about real world wealth.
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It started, as many adventures have, in the town of Blackwater on the shores of Flat Iron Lake. I walked into the Gunsmith’s shop to check out his wares and saw the most provocative and expensive weapon I had ever come across—an “explosive rifle,” on sale for $10,000.

"GCR: Following Events" - Insider Anon Intel Update 6-17-19

6/17/2019 12:51:00 PM


Following Events

Once the “trigger” transactions (Dubai 1 – Reno T3) herein after D1-T3 releases are completed, there will be several other activity paths that are started.

Path #1 (Exchange Center Path)

Within about 24 hours after the release of D1- T3 Reno T4A will start. This involves 2,200 individuals being provided the locations of Exchange Centers to which they may take their currency for redemption. These 2,200 individuals are referred to as the "Test Group." The processing of their currency will enable those operating the Exchange Centers to evaluate the adequacy of their procedures with this first group of actual sellers presenting their currency for redemption at the centers.

It is currently estimated that it will take about two weeks to complete this evaluation and make any changes or additions to the operating procedures for the Exchange Centers.

At the conclusion of the evaluation activity, the 800#s will start being released. Once a holder of any of the basked currencies gets the 800#, he will be able to call that number and set up an appointment at the Exchange Center closest to his place of residence. At that appointment he will be able to present his currency for redemption.


Samson: Parliamentary Finance: We seek to announce the supplementary budget to address the imbalance of the distribution of funds

17th June, 2019

The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Monday, its efforts to draft the supplementary budget law for the current year in cooperation with the government to address the imbalance of the federal budget, indicating that the budget will rely on surplus oil funds without the use of external loans.

"The government and the Finance Committee will cooperate in the coming days to discuss the adoption of a supplementary budget to rectify the errors of the federal mona," said the committee's chairman, Haneen al-Qaddo.

He added that "the budget will depend on surplus oil funds without the use of foreign loans,"noting that "the budget will include the launch of appointments and the installation of contracts and the launch of service projects lagging across the country."     LINK