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Don961: An addendum to the articles sam brought yesterday ... imo

The central bank is obliged to replace the damaged currency without commissions

Economy ,  2018/06/01 13:24 

BAGHDAD, Iraq - 

Stressed the Central Bank of Iraq, the need to commit all banks to replace the damaged currency without commissions.

The bank said in a statement that "the banks approved all compliance obligation issued by the issuing department and the treasury in 2017 and the replacement of the damaged currency without the payment of commissions in return for that," noting that "non-compliance will bear the bank infringing all the legal consequences in accordance with Article 63 of the Central Bank Law No. 56 Of 2004 amended ".

The bank asked the banks to provide him with the disclosure of the damaged amounts exchanged by them, which were received from the public until 31 May, "stressing the need to" respond to the answer within 3 days of the date of his book. "

It is noteworthy that a large number of damaged banknotes are still trading in the local markets, while the banks to return these securities again to the public after the deposit.   link

Thank you PinkRoses


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let me let you know what I am hearing since our call on Tuesday night. It is interesting because the information that I am getting is precious to me. We don’t sometimes get as much as I like. The reason that is, is because things are very quiet.

Most people that have some information in the various positions that find their way to us they are ready to run gag order or they have to be extremely quiet, extremely selection what is put out, and I always look at that as a very good sign. Where we are now is no different. One of our sources indicated to me that they hoped I had a good call tonight because this would be my last one. I am hoping that is exactly the case. I can’t say 100 percent for sure, but I am feeling as if that could be the case.

Bruce: What has been going on?


How To Embrace The Impossible
OMTimes Magazine  By Crystal Presence 
May 19, 2018

Do you know how to embrace the impossible in your life?
Learning How to Embrace the Impossible

Acknowledging the exploration of what we know is possible. Embrace the impossible and bring forth a new experience of what it means to be human.

“Our hearts know that a more beautiful world is possible, but our minds do not know how it’s possible.” ~ Charles Eisenstein

As pioneering spirits, we love to enhance our lives with the exploration of what is possible and learn to embrace the impossible.

Final Wakeup Call: The Khazarian Debt Scam

5/31/2018 12:57:00 AM News 

The Khazarian Debt Scam

Debt that isn’t Debt

The scam is in the Illusion of money that puts us into enslavement:

Most people are totally clueless that their money has no value, and that the Central Bank, Banking system, and Governments are totally corrupt. Be aware, we, the people and our country together are simply one nation under God, as are equally all other 208 sovereign nations of the world.

Regrettably, most people have lost their shining light as a beacon of self esteem. To address this short-coming; every citizen should take note of the following inside information to understand how and why we the people have been manipulated into perpetual debt slavery.