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Tishwash: Fifteen important international agreements are ready to vote

The parliamentary legal committee revealed on Tuesday that there are more than 15 international agreements ready to vote in the next few days in parliament, indicating that the laws of the Federal Court and the local elections are the most prominent laws that will pass soon. 

"The government has sent 15 international agreements to the parliament, including security, economic and cooperative, and all are ready to vote," Hussein al-Aqabi, a member of the committee, said in a statement. 

"The political differences and the concern of the House of Representatives on political issues contributed to reducing the number of legislation passed in the current legislative session." 

"The dozens of laws have been read once or twice, notably the law of the Federal Court, the media and communications, the Ministry of Communications and the Integrity Commission and others, all of which are very important for the work of the government."    link

IQDCalls Chat Monday Night 6-24-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night 6-24-19 

Matt  Price of Gold 1,415.61 +19.41+1.39%  Silver 15.42 +0.14+0.94% 
Matt  Dow Jones Industrial Average  INDEXDJX: .DJI 26,760.89 +41.76 (0.16%

Doug_W    https://www.zerohedge .com/news/2019-06-24/we-cannot-explain-it-weve-got-stupid-slow-dallas-fed-survey-collapses-3-year-lows?fbclid=IwAR20lRRC4UanNCXi60-YaHbilc2484nanHQWwH9F9c8d7CX1_HURiomjUPM

futuremoney  Doug_W Tony says its happening tomorrow...glad to hear that!

What I Learned When I Won the $112 Million Lottery
Marie Claire    January 29, 2016

When I found out I had won $112 million dollars in the California Mega Millions jackpot eight years ago, I wasn't even watching the TV. The winning numbers had been announced a few days before, but my kids and I had forgotten to check. Then my father called and told me to look at my ticket. The random numbers aligned.

I felt elated, like I was floating.

When you win the lottery, you can either opt to go to the state lottery office or receive the check in the mail (you can also accept one lump sum or installments). My brother, father, and I decided to go collect the check, in one lump sum, in person. It was more exciting that way.


MilitiaMan: Here is something to think about. Payday in Iraq is Thursday. It is by far cheaper for Iraq to RI when citizens have little money. As if they RI after payday, they'll all have a huge bonus with that in mind. It will cost Iraq a lot more if they did it that way.

If they do it now or sooner than payday, where as most live pay check to pay check and have little money prior to pay day would be far cheaper.

Next thing to think about is the UN Operational Rates are to be in by and updated on 06/27 /2019 for to publish on the 30th.

So they can not show 1190 rate on this Thursday for the 30th rate, and then change during that time in between. It is not legal imo to do so and then change it just after they RI. Not going to happen. imo

Next item is the G-20 on the 28th - 29th. Many of the largest holders of Dinar will be at that meeting. USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc.. Be kinda silly for them to show up with no rate in hand to discuss the future of the world.

When after they leave the world changes from a re in statement of their holdings?