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​​How to Get Better at Anticipating Your Financial Needs
By Trent Hamm Updated on 06.18.19
Getting Started
Home » How To Get Better At Anticipating Your Financial Needs
One of the most valuable tools for keeping your financial life as stable as possible is to improve your ability to anticipate your future expenses and financial needs. 

​This enables you to take some steps to prepare now for those expenses and thus reduce their impact in the future.
For people who aren’t naturally familiar with planning ahead, this can feel like a major shift in thinking. Many people simply buy groceries as needed by visiting the grocery store and wandering through the aisles to grab items needed for their next few days worth of meals. Many people respond with chagrin when they find an unexpected bill in the mail.


Popeye7:  Ding DONG... Vietnam is in the process of answering the door to allow for a new rate to enter... Iraq has already answered, and is in the process of showing their hospitality to the new rate as they enter the dining area to partake of the delicious meal set before them... Will it be a 3, 5, 7, 10, or 11 course meal Frank?

Frank26: I EXPLAINED MONTHS AGO THAT WHAT TRUMP DID WITH CHINA AND IRAQ ( MONSTER OIL DEAL ) ............ OPENED ......... THE DOOR TO VIETNAM'S DONG BIG TIME ....................... GO LOOK AT YOUR NOTES ................ ENDED BY SAYING .......... " BRILLENT '' !!!    TOLD YOU SO ........... ............. TELL YOU MORE ON M CC. 


Chappy86:  Does this mean they're are ready to hit the switch!

MilitiaMan: They clearly telling us we are going to get paid~ Conversion is from something into another something. IMO

Jjimmyjj: Yep. In other words, in my opinion, they are saying "there is going to be huge demand soon at the atm's that are just sitting there right now. Make sure you're ready. "

Samson: Electronic payment services

27th June, 2019

To all banks and electronic payment providers ( electronic payment services )
Further to our General Assemblies numbered 402/23, 168/23, 1091/23 and 1162/23, dated 2018/3/12, 2019/1/28, 2019/6/2, and 2019.6.13. In view of the Bank's plans for conversion In order to reduce the burden on the beneficiaries of the service, we call on banks and electronic payment companies to take the necessary and develop plans and strategies for the deployment of collection tools (ATMs, points of sale) in proportion to the number of cards, and no objection to continue to work through agents / Until adequate availability of ATMs is available.