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How To Use Barriers And Pre-Commitment -- to do the right things with your money

By J.D. Roth April 2018

Three thousand years ago, there lived a great hero named Ulysses (or Odysseus, if you prefer), king of Ithaca, champion of the Trojan War, and, it turns out, pioneer of personal finance.

Ulysses wrestled Ajax, retrieved the body of Achilles (the hero shot in his heel), and devised the clever Trojan horse, which allowed the Greek army to infiltrate Troy and end the decade-long struggle.


Samson:  Al-Hazzal is watching France 24 and talking about the present and future of banking activity in Iraq

27th June, 2018 


The channel "France 24 Arabic" on Wednesday, a direct dialogue on air with the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks Wadih al-Hanal, who is currently visiting Paris to participate in the conference of the Union of Arab international banks, which begins on Thursday, and reviewed Al-Hanal during the meeting, which lasted 15 minutes, present and future work And the role of the Central Bank in the consolidation of private banks and encourage them to reach the stage of financial coverage and diversification of banking services and delivery to the farthest point in the country, as discussed by the dialogue conducted by "France 24," which is one of the channels widely spoken Arabic, 

The Association of Iraqi Banks with the support of the Central Bank to achieve communication and dealing with banks and correspondent banks around the world, especially European banks.


Adeleon4: Here is something you all probably know but I liked the sound of "The important announcement " to be made...

Head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, said during the opening of the conference, which was attended by “Economy News”, that “the conference is key to closer Arab-European relations, especially French,” adding that “the Arab Banks Conference, which will start on Wednesday in Paris, Which will be the announcement of a very important message directed by the Iraqi banking sector to European banks, and open prospects for dealing with correspondent banks.

Al-Hantal said that “the Iraqi banking sector working in the country of 70 banks spread throughout Iraq, along with Arab and foreign banks.”

http://economy-news.net/content. php?id=12741

https://search4dinar.wordpress. com/2018/06/26/the-second-phase-of-the-iraq-reconstruction-conference-begins-in-paris/