June 28th 6pm

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​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday  6-28-18  
Whitelions      Nominating the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq as the best Arab Central Bank Governor for 2018
Nominating the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq as the best Arab Central Bank Governor for 2018
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, received the Best Governor of a Central Bank at the level of the Arab countries by the Union of Arab Banks during the establishment of the Arab Banking Summit 2018, which is held in the French capital Paris. 

​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
June 28, 2018 Bogota, Colombia

Guess which bank just froze my funds over a simple transfer
What I’m about to tell you is a true story that highlights just how pathetic the banking system has become.
A few months ago I was presented with a compelling opportunity to invest with a prominent, well-established private business based in the UK.
And, after extensive due diligence, I decided to make the investment… around $4 million.
Because this particular investment happened to be denominated in US dollars, though, the funds were routed through the United States via one of the major Wall Street banks.
We’ve talked about this before-- the vast majority of global trade and commerce is denominated in US dollars and clears through the US banking system.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

As of yesterday, the remainder of Tier 3 are being called in to redeem and are expected to finish tonight.

All Tier 4 currency holders will be contacted via phone or email once the 800#'s are released.

Anyone who hasn't been contacted may make an appointment by calling the 800#'s.

According to rumors, significant changes are occurring prior to the 4th of July.

A plan is in motion for this 4th of July to be a celebration to remember.


MilitiaMan: Article: “Union of Arab Banks Honors the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Alalak as the best governor in the Arab world for the year 2018”     LINK

A job well done and now banks are all closed in Iraq and don’t re open until the first of July.. - fascinating – MM

Greenclan: By the first of July when Iraq banks open, they will also have a new govt and seated in a short bit.  All coming to a focal point of Finality. And as we saw yesterday, Saudi is waiting to bring investments into iraq once the govt of IRAQ is finalized and is done.  AWESOME.

MilitiaMan: Article:  “Special - Ali Mohsen Ismail (Ali Alalak ) Best Governor of an Arab Central Bank .. Who is he ?”    LINK   

Who is he? He will be imo, not a proxy Central Bank Governor much longer.. He appears to have completed the task of economic reforms to date and the next half of the year shall be less a few zeros internationally and locally.. Imo we shall see lol - MM