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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Friday  6-29-18 

Xyz       Maliki refused regional mediation to participate in the "government separated by Sadr" 


xyz       Alaq: "I am truly humbled to accept this award from the Union of Arab Banks and to be recognized by such an esteemed group of my peers," said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alaq. "I will remain steadfast in my efforts to continue growing Iraq's economy and to foster strong economic and financial policies that will push Iraq forward.


Cornhusker: Dont forget china needs the dong to go as bad as the us wants the dinar .  
Blinkster: Yeppers... And they have been working on their currency reforms for far longer... They've waited decades.

And imo, there is a very good REASON that Vietnam has been in the press recently as they have been.

In 1964 iirc, their rate was $2.27 before we pulled that with the stroke of a pen. And they were truly a third-world country back then!

Imo, it's payday for Vietnam... a restoration of their currency rate. IMO


Servin29:  So You Are Suddenly Wealthy. Now What?

Whether you just received a sizeable inheritance or you just won the lottery, sudden wealth changes people's lives.

1. Call Your Close Family Together. Remember that, no matter what, your family and close friends come first. Call your close family members together, talk about your newfound wealth, and discuss how to proceed with the next step of surviving this major change in your lives. Just like a ship will break apart if it is being pulled in multiple directions, it is important for you and your close family to concur on your family's life goals.

2. Immediately Call an Experienced Attorney and Accountant. Like it or not, your life just got more complicated as a result of having more money. You now have to contend with new tax laws, the risk of losing everything as a result of possible lawsuits, divorce, bad investments, death, incapacity, and any number of other possibilities.

KTFA: Vietnam News

Samson:  Vietnam : Economic outlook bright in 2018

26th June, 2018

Việt Nam’s economic growth this year looks bright, thanks to positive economic performance in the first quarter.

The comment was made by Trần Quốc Phương, director of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s National Economic Issues Department. 

However, according to many experts, Việt Nam’s economic growth in the first few months of this year was high but not sustainable due to dependence on foreign direct investment (FDI) as the sector’s exports in the first five months of the year accounted for some 70 per cent of the country’s total export turnover.