June 2nd 11am

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Friday Night  6-1-18  

Xyz     6-1-2018 Kaperoni We're getting down there our records show the CBI only has about 13 days to meet IMF compliance. Keep in mind though, we don't expect a CBI to move to Article VIII until the government is formed. Also keep in mind that the IMF needs to have their Article IV Consultation with Iraq, I tend to think they'll happen at the same time as the transition to Article VIII.

Spectra      (((NORTH KOREAN OFFICIAL TO VISIT WHITE HOUSE TO MEET WITH TRUMP))) A senior North Korean official will hand over a letter from the country’s leader Kim Jong Un to US President Donald Trump in a rare visit to the White House on Friday (June 1) as the two sides try to put a derailed summit meeting back on track. http://nrttv.com/En/News.aspx?id=1587&MapID=4

DR. CLARKE (TODAY stuff 6-2-18):

Our TODAY stuff, as we outlined in our last 5-27-18 Post ( LINK ), the N. Korea meeting is Officially back on and scheduled for June 12, per President Trump......as we suspected. There is also progress in terms of the Iran deal......all the details we talked about in that 5-27 Post are happening and "In Play".

NOW, as a result, we see things kicking off, the LAST WEEK of JUNE, with an emphasis on 23rd - 26th. Iraq will have released the Prime Minister information, and solidified things to QUALIFY, for a "Suitable Environment", as well.........AND the UN, IMF & U.S.A. will ALL be in agreement. 

We'll have to "SEE" what happens....... 

Thank you Judy

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 2 2018

Compiled 2 June 12:50 am EST by Judy Byington

The following was a compilation of information from the Internet. It would be up the reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

Judy Note: Intel has been almost non-existent today, June 1. The below is a Summary of the last few days:

1. Intel Report: The RV system was activated the night of May 29.

2. Bruce: Tier 4 (internet group) would get the 800#s at the same time Tier 3 becomes liquid. Some Tier 3 have become liquid and some in Tier 3 were being told that they would become liquid on June 1.

3. Bruce was told something very good would happen within the next 48 hours (by June 2).


Buckeyefan: There is so much craziness right now, maybe a release of wealth just may not be a good time. Many of us need it, but we may be protected and don't even realize it. Just hope the world can get some relief cuz crazy has been unleashed. But good is trying to prevail and it will

Briona: It really looks like we just have to wait until they get the official election results, before serious action takes place. Hopefully with in days, not weeks.

RVAlready:  As D.C. Said - the RV will fix a lot of things.

CharlieOK: Don't forget that A and the CBI could push Their button right now. That being said, I personally believe the Iraqi button is subject to a higher button or two being pushed. Life seems to be going on in Iraq. No suicide bombers supporting Maliki. I am always suspicious of the head fake. I like now between Monday.


Tishwash:   Sadr reveals the fact that he met with Trump envoy in Kuwait on the formation of the government

Baghdad today - Najaf The leader of the Sadr movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, the fact of meeting with Trump envoy to Iraq, Brit McGuck, during his recent visit to Kuwait, in Kuwait, on the formation of the government.

A person named Ali Hussain said: "There are rumors that the visit to Kuwait was aimed at forming the Iraqi government, where some promote the occurrence of a meeting with the US envoy overseeing the formation of the largest bloc, and Saudi intervention, and everyone knows your position of occupation, Neighboring countries, is it clear? ".

"Kuwait is a moderate country and its Emir is the prince of peace and moderation, and it would be good if all of them would turn their backs and solve our problems with brotherly dialogue exclusively," Sadr said    link