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Post From The Final Wake Up Call
By Peter B Meyer

Brexit Pulls The EU To Pieces

The Great Awakening Has Begun
Anti-Establishment Forces Are Forging Alliances
Euroscepticism Is Rising Across Europe
German Government Acts Like Master Of The EU Universe
Russian Interference Campaign In European Politics
Cabal And Deep State Terms Adopted By MSM
Proven: Government works for the Cabal and not for the People
Theresa May is resigning, and in the upcoming British national election, the conservative party may become the 5th, while the Brexiteer party with Farage could win. Theresa was working for the EU-cabal and not for the people.



Don961:  Tuesday, 04 June 2019 11:39 p

The Retirement Authority has stopped working on "Keycard" for this reason
The National Retirement Authority announced that it will stop handing over the salaries of retirees through the card "Key Card", noting that it will replace them with bank cards such as "MasterCard" and "Visa Card", while indicated that they agreed with government and private banks to complete this process. 

"According to instructions to settle the salaries issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers and the Central Bank, it was decided to stop dealing with the card card and replace it with two-way payment cards." 

​​What Don't People Tell You About Being Ultra-Wealthy? Part 2 of 2

Asim Qureshi:   CEO Jibble Group  In recent months I've had some personal contact with seven people, each worth over $150m.
All but one of them have the lifestyle of someone worth no more than $5m. $2m-ish houses, nice but not wonderful homes, fairly ordinary cars, a fairly even spread of economy (coach) to business to first class flights.
Only one spends lavishly. A $2m car, $30k per week on accommodation when on vacation with his family. But this guy has a fairly modest house.
One doesn’t even have a car - he usually walks or uses the London Underground - and for longer journeys uses Uber.

​​What Don't People Tell You About Being Ultra-Wealthy? Part 1 of 2
Anonymous:   I may fall into the group so for obvious purposes I am answering anonymously. I am worth a bit more than 100 million dollars, and this is relatively recent in terms of liquidity as before, I had a business that was recently sold for around 80 million. So for many years I have been a millionaire.
First of all, it must be said that a good amount of money does not mean that someone is at all like others with similar money. Just like two people making 100,000 are going to be quite different.
And it also must be acknowledged that there is a great divide between my considerable wealth, and a billionaire with 10x or more. See other answers for conjecture about how billionaires live.