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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The collapse of the old fiat financial system is imminent.

The Deep State Cabal are bankrupt and therefore lack the funding to save themselves or retaliate.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is nearing the point of no return which will trigger a systematic implosion of the old fiat financial system.

What is left of the old fiat financial system (such as mega corporations, companies, etc.) will be auctioned off to new owners that are working with the Alliance.

The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will then be implemented to stabilize the global economy


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little about where we are and where we are going. Remember the theme for the night is Greater things than these will you do? I think we are just about to see that in our own lives. Here is what has been happening. Since Tuesday we do get more information usually every day. Sometimes all day long. Sometimes it is busy. Sometimes it is a little bit light. Today was good in the sense that we didn’t have rates on the screens yesterday. They were off, and most of today they were either fluctuating or just not there, but we do have the fact they did come back up. We understand tonight about 11:00 pm EST Forex is going to come back up with new and live rates. That should be really moving along nicely.

Bruce: What is happening today and it started overnight last night in the Far East. It started in Hong Kong and in Singapore because we had some heavy bond trading on historical gold bonds and on other assets. That trading was going on I would call it feverously in Hong Kong and in Singapore and it worked its way over today to Zurich which is another big on trading capital, then over to London. All of that was taking place this morning our time but was already going on for 7 to 8 hours in London and Zurich and prior to that, over last night. Not only historical gold bonds, but also Zim bonds as well. 

When Money Dies: Germany and Paper Money After 1910

By Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna

TAGS World History Money and Banking

The story of the destruction of the German mark during the hyper-inflation of Weimar Germany from 1919 to its horrific peak in November 1923 is usually dismissed as a bizarre anomaly in the economic history of the twentieth century.

But no episode better illustrates the dire consequences of unsound money or makes a more devastating, real-life case against fiat-currency: where there is no restraint, monetary death will follow.

IQDCalls Chat Thursday Night 6-6-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Night 6-6-19  
Tebow   The Finance Committee of the parliamentary, on Thursday, that the budget 2020 will include a lot of tables completely different from all budgets since 2003, noting that the adoption of the Financial Management Law has become a control tool on the public budget. 

Portmagaland  You guys see this Mahdi resigned rumor?
Dave  Portmagaland about a week ago
Dave  threatened was my take
Portmagaland  Yeah, but they are saying it's done and dont call it a comeback, Abadi, I've been here for years will take over?